TRAFFIC ALERT: I-5 lane closures you need to know about this weekend

Trayvon Martin rallies in Seattle, around country

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — A week ago Saturday, a Florida jury decided George Zimmerman acted in self defense when he shot and killed 17-year old Trayvon Martin.

Still outraged at that decision, Saturday thousands of people rallied around the county, and in Seattle.

trayvon“We want to let the community know that even though this tragedy happened we can stop it,” said Lecia Murphy, who joined more than 100 protestors in Seattle, outside the U.S. District Courthouse. “Let our voices so he didn’t die in vain.”

During the rallies across the country, people called for federal charges against Zimmerman.

In New York, Martin’s mother spoke to the crowds.

“Today it was my son, tomorrow it might be yours,” said Sybrina Fulton.

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  • Ryan

    If you jump someone, taking them to the ground and then start beating them in the face and head, you are likely to be shot. The media made this to be a race issue.

  • Linda

    Shame on you Fox news!…Your station aids and abets the continuing racial lies! What should be reported is how misguided and uninformed these protesters are. SHAME ON YOU!

  • what ever


  • what ever

    and all you white people with your bleeding hearts, just shut up your gross the act your portraying is gross and disgusts me! lots of kids get innocently killed why choose this one to rally for why not choose one that is worthy that was nota drug using gun toting gold teeth wearing obviously law breaking citizen………..why not march for that little girl that got shot in school in Seattle why not her? Ill be the first to say it WHO CARES ABOUT TRAYVON a bunch of confused idiots with a voice and that's scary!

  • warthog6

    Anyone who pretends their last name is "Z" automatically loses my respect–right along with anyone who plays with their balls while we talk, anyone who's "artistic expression" consists of rhythmic grunting in rhyming slang, anyone who adds the term "izzle" to anything, and people who fake a lot of gravity in their meaning in order to distract from how ridiculous and insincere they are. Cover your ass. Learn to read. Stop talking like you're screaming a poem with a sock in your mouth. DEFINITELY quit playing with your genitals while talking to people and pretending it's not just plain perverted–especially when CHILDREN are around. Most of all, stop yelling "RATHITHT" every time a white person objects to your primate behavior–it's not racism. It's zoology. If you act like a primate, you will be caged like one. Nothing could be more insulting to your race than considering it racism when people object to you behaving identically to a primate. Pull up your pants and put your genitals away–especially when kids are watching, or get used to being treated like a perverted animal needing a cage.

  • warthog6

    At least a dozen times in the last few months, when I see a black man with his hand down his pants and stroking himself while carrying on a conversation, I've casually steered the conversation to how racists consider black men hypersexual. Not ONCE have any of them noticed the irony that they are talking to a stranger in public about the racism of considering black men hypersexual–while stroking their genitals. Is there any way to interpret that in a positive way?