Sewage spill shuts down Everett beaches

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


EVERETT — Swimmers are being warned to stay out of the water at two local beaches, because of a major sewage spill.  A power outage Saturday morning at an Everett sewage station allowed 40,000 gallons of sewage to flow into Port Gardner Bay.  Warning signs were quickly posted, at Howarth Park and Pigeon Creek beaches.

But there were still people in the water, who probably didn’t see the signs.  Those who did, Like Amber Bay and her kids, had to switch gears.  She said “We were disappointed as a family because we were looking for a nice day out at the beach and after a quick inquiry we found out what was going on so we’re headed down to Mukilteo.”

The warning signs will be removed when the water quality returns to normal levels.

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  • pete1427

    Our home has a back up generator for critical circuits
    like our refrigerator, freezer, and heat in case of a power
    Back up generators are cheap, and if the city had any
    foresight, there would have been some for the sewage
    system to prevent this from happening in the event
    of a power outage.
    That would have been the logical solution, but when
    have our government agencies ever used logic.

  • Amber

    I completely agree, and was marveling at the fact that they did not have a "back up"…this system seems a bit fragile with our ecosystem in the balance.