Justice for Trayvon rally in Seattle

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Justice For Trayvon Seattle. 2SEATTLE – They demanded justice for Trayvon Martin, here in Seattle, and across the county.  More than two hundred people rallied at the U.S. Federal Courthouse in downtown Seattle Saturday, part of a national day of action for Martin.  The noon vigil included speeches by local clergy, civil rights groups, and Trayvon Martin’s cousin, Cedric Martin of Tacoma.

Many in the crowd was upset with the not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial last week in Sanford, Florida.  Some protesters are calling for federal charges to be brought against Zimmerman.

After the rally at the courthouse the crowd marched down Fifth Avenue en route to Pratt Park in the Central Area of  Seattle.

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  • jabailo

    Zimmerman is a psychopath Kid Killer who was let free by a kangaroo court.

    No parent of any race can feel safe with Zimmerman the murderer on the street.

    • Bootlegger59

      Bunk!!! The kid got what was coming to him!! I feel perfectly safe, even if you don't! So, if you should worry, then you have a real problem, Clyde!!

  • BILL K.

    There is no justice for non whites in usa and its getting obvious that alot of minorities are getting fed up while alot of " not racist " whites are showing true beliefs. The truth is that cops lawyers polititions and judges do not care if a kid gets killed as long as they arent white

    • Chris

      Better ask OJ about that one..

      Funny thing, there wasn't a bunch of vigils and riots for Ron or Nicole. Actually, blacks rioted in celebration that OJ was free. There is a certain group here that has some real soul searching to do and a healthy does of honesty.

  • warthog6

    It's tragic that individual black people carry the stigma of the HUGE portion of their race–and nobody screams louder about the injustice than the same clowns that walk around with one hand making bizarre wide gestures, the other down their pants, and fondling their genitals–right in front of children, and grunting in ghetto rhyming slang about crack. These always seem to be the ones complaining LOUDEST about racism. No matter how loud they yell, the fact is that it's all strategic. Because it's wrong to blame everyone who shares the same physical traits of the offenders, they all scream as loud as they can and pose as the innocent and oppressed. IT'S ALL A LIE. IT'S ALL STRATEGY. I hope they get what they want, though. The real tragedy for black people is this. Because they've allowed the dumbest and loudest among them to set strategy, they've set on one that does them all the most damage. What happens when "stand your ground" is repealed? It means that every time a black person is involved in violence, they only way to avoid arrest is proving they ran away. What are the chances of that? I hope they get exactly what they want. They deserve every bit of it.

  • Ramon

    Can we have rallies for all the "whites" that are killed by "black" people each year? Maybe he was guilty maybe he wasn't but if it was a black that killed a white there would not be any "rallies". Get a life!

    • Bootlegger59

      Brother, this is sure true. As for Martin, I mean, I really don't care, he's gone, and if he had killed Zimmer……..the kid would be praised and slapped on the back for doing a good job. I would have just slapped his ugly face and kicked his ugly rear down the street, back to where he belonged!!

  • warthog6

    White people may be wondering whether the word "cracker" is not racist, where "n*ger" is. It's only racist if black people are offended. If white people are offended by being referred to as a slaver–which cracker means. You might even have lost ancestors in the civil war who thought black people's rights were important enough to sacrifice there own in a war over it. None of that matters because you're white. It's okay for you to be lied about, degraded, and exploited–as long as you don't do it to black people.

    Who really thinks that this mass uprising in the US would NOT have happened, if Trayvon Martin were in the wrong? It would happen anyway. Black people don't fight racism because it's wrong. They fight it because fighting it gets them something. Whether it's there or not, whether it's you're fault or not–none of that matters.

    All that matters is white people are evil racists because calling them that gets me something.

    • Bootlegger59

      Man, you are so right on! You are absolutely correct and every word is so true. Exactly the reasons I really don't care about Martin, and the jury verdict was totally correct.

  • guest

    My question about racial profiling: Where did the "profile" come from in the first place? Maybe from the trouble makers themselves?