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Man crashes kid’s birthday party, swipes pizza, balloons

kids-picnic-tableSEATTLE — He wasn’t invited to the 8-year-old’s birthday party and was very rude when asked to leave.

Seattle police were called to Green Lake on Wednesday afternoon, after parents called to report a man had crashed an child’s party.

Parents told officers that the shirtless, shoeless man sat down at a table with several kids, ate a few slices of pizza and stole two balloon animals.

When police arrived, they found the 28-year-old suspect lying in the grass near the wading pool at Green Lake.

When the parents asked the man to leave, he refused and got into a “heated exchange” with the families at the party, police said.

Officers contacted the man, who appeared to be under the influence of a “potent relaxant of some kind,” the Seattle Police Department blotter said.

Asked if he needed medical assistance, the man declined and tried to walk away, police said.  Police then arrested the man for theft and booked him into the King County Jail.


5 Comments to “Man crashes kid’s birthday party, swipes pizza, balloons”

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