Marysville woman says neighbor arrested in fatal drive-by shooting of Seattle teen

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MARYSVILLE- A 26 year-old Marysville man was arrested Friday afternoon in connection with Molly Conley’s murder.

The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office identified the suspect as Eric N. Walker, although he had not been charged with a crime as of Sunday night. The sheriff’s office plans to hold a news conference on the case at 11:30 a.m. Monday.

Sandra Torres took a cellphone picture as a neighbor was cuffed and put in a back of a police cruiser.

“You just never know who is in your neighborhood,” said Torres.

“The officer basically told me he was a bad guy they had to get him off the road they pulled him over right in front of my house,” said Torres.

Reward in Molly Conley murder case risesDetectives asked her to fill out a witness questionnaire. Torres believes the man who lives down the street from her on 58th Drive in Marysville was arrested for the fatal drive-by shooting of Molly Conley.

“On the questionnaire it said homicide,” said Torres.

On June 1, the Seattle teen was celebrating her 15th birthday walking with friends in Lake Stevens when she was shot in the neck.

“We took it really personally here in Lake Stevens because it just doesn’t happen here,” said Joe Neverkewitz.

Neverkewitz is a liquor store owner who donated $25,000 for a reward fund. The Lake Stevens American Legion also raised $10,000 hoping to catch the killer.

“Last night it was sigh of relief when we heard about it that things were moving forward,” said Tony Morey with the Legion.

For a while detectives had little to go on and just last week they sent reverse 911 calls.

The message went out to about 4,000 residents in case anyone saw anything at the time of Molly’s shooting. Those calls generated some information but it is unclear if it directly lead to Friday’s arrest.

“I’m really happy they caught somebody I don’t know all the details yet I can’t wait to hear more,” said Neverkewitz.

Molly’s father, John Conley, sat down with Q13’s “Washington’s Most Wanted” exclusively earlier this week. He shared home video of some of his favorite moments with his daughter including a trip to Ireland when Molly was 13.

“Her whole face was a smile she may not be smiling but her eyes are smiling,” said Conley.

The teenager was a straight “A” student at Blanchet High, a tomboy who loved sports and a philanthropist who had a passion for helping foster kids.

“Everything ended with I love you, everything, every goodbye that’s just the way she is,” said Conley.

Her bedroom is the same way she left it. On her bed is a birthday present she never will get to open. Soon after the arrest, the father said he was thrilled with the development. He wanted to thank the community and the detectives at Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office for all their hard work.

Molly’s mom Susan Arksey and stepdad released this statement.

“Thank you to all in Snohomish County and Lake Stevens for all that you have done for Molly and our family. We appreciate the amazing generosity and love shown to us by those who loved Molly and have been inspired by her beautiful life. We continue to be in shock and grieve deeply.”

The suspect is expected to make his first court appearance on Monday.

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  • Ralph

    The Everett Herald newspaper has named the suspect, published his photo and a link showing his alleged gun collection. He is in big trouble. Another careless gun owner.

      • Ralph

        Shooting a gun from a moving car is careless. Those bozo/felons in Ferndale a couple weeks ago were careless gun owners too. Seems like all the kids killed recently, died due to unsecured guns owned by careless gun owners.