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Swimming safety urged after 2 boys drown

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KENT – Summer isn’t even a week old and we’ve already lost two more children to drowning.

jumpersAn 8-year-old boy lost his life in Lake Roesiger on Sunday during a family picnic, and another 8-year-old boy drowned on the White River in Pierce County after he fell off a log Saturday.

Experts say the best protection is close supervision — watching kids the entire time they’re in the water.

“It looks like a perfectly safe, typical family weekend out and it ends in tragedy,” said Kent Fire and Rescue Capt. Kyle Ohashi. “It’s a rude and quick start, but, unfortunately, it’s not unusual. Every year we start spring and summer with near drowning and, unfortunately, drowning because people are very eager after a cold and wet winter to get outside.”

Kids at Meridian Lake in Kent dove right into the water Monday, making the best of a cloudy summer afternoon. Ohashi said parks like this one, with lifeguards and roped-off swimming areas, are the safest way to go.

“Make sure you know the body of water; make sure you wear a lifejacket at all times,” said Ohashi. “That lifejacket, you have to make sure it fits properly and that it’s a Coast Guard-approved lifejacket.”

Officials also suggest calling local parks departments to get children swimming lessons now that summer is here.

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    • heart broken

      Insensitive, rude and uncalled for!!! you obviously don't have kids. I know this family and the kids can swim, you have no idea what the circumstances are. Why would you not keep your ignorant, insensitive comment to yourself!? there is nothing LOL about this!!!