Cat saved by homeless man to be reunited with family

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
homeless cat

Mata Hairi will be returned to her owners after spending 10 months hitchhiking with a homeless man. Photo courtesy of Dylan Brown/Independent Record.

PORTLAND — A cat named Mata Hairi will be reunited with her family after spending 10 months and 3,600 miles traveling with a homeless man.

Mata’s adventure  started when she left her house in Portland, Ore., on a rainy night. She was rescued by Michael King, a homeless man who found her under a cafe table, according to the Independent Record.

He took her with him as he traveled to Montana and nursed her back to health. It was there that he took her to a vet for a checkup who found the microchip and located the owner of the cat.

The cat’s owner is excited and planning a party for Mata’s return.

But it’s going to be an emotional farewell for King.

“It’s going to be a sad day,” he said. “I’m homeless. Depression is a big thing out there. The cat was a rainbow in a dark world.”

“My pack will be 20 pounds lighter, but a big hole, a big hole,” he said.

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  • John Gilday

    Mr. King,
    Settle down, get a simple job, get a place to live with a roommate if necessary, adopt another cat.
    You sound like a good and decent man who DESERVES a cat, but first you gotta get your S – -T together.

    30 years ago there were no 'homeless'… there were only vagrants, winos, hobos and bums. Obviously not many people wanted to join their ranks. Somewhere along the line all those pejorative terms were replaced with a single 'victim' term = the homeless. The shame was gone and the gov't poured billions into solving the problem – but only made it worse. Tens of thousands of people fell into the trap.