Seattle decides on pot zones

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — Members of the Seattle City Council will discuss new legislation that would limit where marijuana can be grown, processed and sold when state rules go into effect next year.

Washington state voters made marijuana legal when they passed I-502, and the state liquor control board will oversee how the drug is grown and sold.

Seattle is coming up with new zoning for a businesses that are the first of there kind in the country. marijuana-plants-image

Council members will discuss the issue Wednesday, and the Council’s Housing, Human Services, Health and Culture Committee will likely vote in favor of the new zoning rules, which will only allow pot businesses in a few pockets around the city.

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  • Greg

    Kids aren't getting the pot directly from the dispensaries. Students who are 18 and have a medical cards get marijuana from the dispensaries and since they have a way to get it, they are able to sell it. Its no different when kids have older siblings that buy them alcohol. Its the same story. Dispensaries are strict when it comes to age, recommendations, and every time I enter a dispensary my ID is thoroughly checked, along with my recommendation. First time patients even have to wait for the dispensary to call the clinic and get information that you are actually in the medical marijuana system. Getting marijuana from the dispensary is much more of a process than buying alcohol. No one who is under 18 is going to get marijuana directly from the dispensary unless they are in serious trouble with cancer or some other disease and all other medications have failed. Regular students who are under 18 are not buying directly from the dispensary.