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New state law bars employers from asking for social media passwords

typingOLYMPIA — You’ll never have to share your Facebook or other social media passwords with your employer in Washington state, thanks to a privacy bill signed into law Tuesday by Gov. Jay Inslee.


Senate Bill 5211 makes it illegal for any employer or potential employer in the state to request a password or account information for the purpose of gaining access to a social networking site maintained by an employee or prospective employee.

The bill was sponsored by Democratic Sen. Steve Hobbs of Lake Stevens.

“I’m pleased that all sides were able to come together, work out their differences and agree on a bill that protects everyone involved,” Hobbs said. “Privacy shouldn’t be a thing of the past that we are forced to sacrifice every time technology moves forward.”

Washington is now the eighth state to have this type of law on the books.  Similar measures are being considered in 33 other states.



3 Comments to “New state law bars employers from asking for social media passwords”

    Alice Berg said:
    May 29, 2013 at 1:44 PM

    That is good and a good start. but how ever a person or employer can access a facebook site through their own site. Just as Sally is on her Facebook and she wants to see what some old boy friend is doing. So she types in his name on her Facebook search bar and she can pull up information on his front page. Not anything else but on his from or personal page. I believe that the employer should not be able to use the information on the personal page to decide weather to hire or to promote a employee.

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