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Artists create cool Tacoma playing cards


TACOMA — They’re cool, they’re made by local artists, and you can play with them!  They’re Tacoma Playing Cards.   They were created as a art exhibit that you can hold in your hand.

The cards serve as a souvenir, artisan gift, and positive representation of the city and Tacoma artists. The poker-grade deck of cards showcases locations and legends of  Tacoma that are iconic, representative, and weird.  They tell Tacoma’s unique story.  Some were designed and hand-lettered by Chandler O’Leary.  13 other local artists illustrated various Tacoma locations on other cards.

This deck is blue, but a second deck, the Red Deck, is in the works with new artists and new Tacoma locations, icons and stories.

You can learn more from this facebook page:   https://www.facebook.com/TacomaMakes

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