It’s him or us! Husband, wife fight intruder to the death

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NORTH BEND, Wash. — In a fight for their lives, a husband and wife worked together to defend their home and baby from an intruder.

JACOBSONIt happened early Monday morning in North Bend, a small, rural town east of Seattle.

A stranger came into their house, and when it was all over, the intruder was dead.

Police say what may have been a two-phase attack happened in a North Bend home.

First, on Mother’s Day afternoon, an attacker entered through an unlocked door, robbed and physically attacked the wife while her mother and 7-month-old baby were in the home.

Then, in another break-in 12 hours later, an intruder believed to be the same man entered through an unlocked window just before 2 a.m.

“It’s certainly not what you’d expect out here, we’re kind of at the end of the world, very rural. It`s very much a surprise to us and very much a shock,” neighbor Bill Beck said.

Kyle Jacobson, along with his wife, Tennyson, were asleep in bed when he heard his dog barking at the intruder.

A life or death struggle followed.

“He was confronted by the suspect in the house, a fight ensued. His wife woke up and came to help him and when she wasn’t able to help initially, she grabbed a knife out of the kitchen and apparently stabbed the suspect. The detectives say it appeared to be just a brawl, that it was just a horrendous fight.  The wife was the one who grabbed the knife and stabbed the suspect, unfortunately killing him but saving her husband,” King County Sheriff’s Sgt. Cindi West said.

Police don’t know why the home was targeted twice.

It is very unusual for a home invasion to be random, especially twice in 12 hours, but this is believed to be just that — random — and that has neighbors spooked.

“I can’t even imagine. I can’t even imagine. This is a great family. They`re good people … I just hope the best for everyone, you know, pretty much the ordeal is over, I hope. There is going to be some emotions, some repercussions after having to do something like that,” neighbor Steven Vadjinia said.

Kyle Jacobson said his family is doing fine under the circumstances.

As for his wife, she posted this on her Facebook page Sunday:

“On my first Mother’s Day, I’m so grateful for an amazing, beautiful daughter that is safe in my arms, and the most incredible husband to be there to protect and support us. I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

As for the suspect, he’s still unidentified.

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  • Neelieann

    So glad they are all safe. Good work !! Now, if you had had a GUN instead of a knife the whole thing would have been over faster and cleaner. Cannot believe this is happening in quiet North Bend…but…they say the "city" is moving further and further EAST from Seattle. North Bend has grown from a little town on the way up to Snoqualmie to what it is today…guess we all had better be prepared for the onslaught of creeps and menials out there, even in North Bend.

  • Mario Brunetti

    "unfortunately killing him but saving her husband,” King County Sheriff’s Sgt. Cindi West said. WHAT? I would say FORTUNATELY killing him! Saved the taxpayers a big chunk of money and took a scum bag off the streets. Sounds like a win-win to me. Whatever happened to "a man's home is his castle" doctrine? You enter without permission at your own peril.

    • YankeeRaider

      I know this is an old story now but I'm glad someone else noticed her wording on that. I was equally surprised. However, from a cop or investigator's position they want to get ALL the facts and as much of both sides of the story as possible, So if one side of the story is permanently unavailable for comment (dead) that makes their job a little harder. It's all about remaining neutral until an official investigation is completed because things are not necessarily always as they may first appear. As far as the story was reported by Fox News, or as much as they knew at the time, yes, I would agree… if he broke in TWICE to commit crimes kill the bastard (in self defense, I mean)!

  • Mysterio

    Upper white people… privileged when it comes to education but ignorant when it comes to life. Never heard of locking your doors….then 12 hours later after the first event you leave you window open??! Come on…live in the hood for a couple of days see how quick you learn to lock stuff up. Get a security system too, it's not that expensive if even I can afford one.

    • Redeemed

      why would these "upper white people" need to secure things like fort knox, where they live is far from any ghetto scene

      • Nowheretorun

        All scenes are becoming Ghetto, the criminals are expanding their operations to a milk toast berkenstock neighborhood near you….

    • Guest

      Upper white people? Like they are the only ones targets of criminals…… I leave my stuff unlocked. Come on in? ;)

  • Stathis

    I think the husband found out what happened when he wasn’t home to protect his wife and went out and found the guy and brought him back to his place to kill I think this turned into a murder case and if the police do there job right they’ll even find video of him being picked up and taken away by the husband

  • Guest

    The cops in this state are becoming a bunch of libtards too. Cindi West you are an idiot. "Unfortunately killing him..?" If I was sheriff, you would never be promoted for that comment and I'd make you work a desk at the entrance of Mt. Rainier.

  • A

    If he was shot with a gun people will cry out murder like Zimmerman but it is pk to knife him and let him bleed to death nice and slowly? Hyprocrites!

    • Fan 873

      No, people would still be happy the couple were not the ones harmed or killed. …and how the heck is this even remotely similar to the Zimmerman case? This happened IN THEIR HOME with an intruder. Clear-cut self-defense whereas the Zimmerman case was a bit fuzzier and not an intruder situation (regardless of what I personally believe, which is self defense as well).

  • Julie

    People in North Bend and everywhere need to get a clue and keep their widows shut and doors locked. It's not the 80's anymore people! Glad their all safe hopefully now they'll lock the door behind them and keep their windows closed at night

  • Guest2

    12 hours after the wife is assaulted by an intruder they go to bed with the window open, allowing him to enter again? Something a bit fishy about this story.

  • Mitchell D

    What a great story! Unfortunately we don't hear about these happy endings enough. Way to go Tennyson & Kyle. If we had more people out there like you, killing intruders, these Punk Ass Bitches might think twice about climbing in windows! Yes, the quote should have been "fortunately killing him"
    You should have locked your doors?!?! Really?!?! Do you clowns think that really matters today? If these Lowlife pieces of garbage want to get in your house they are getting in, but I hear you, of course it's the homeowners fault?!?! It's never the criminals fault!!!!!!!!!! Come On!

  • Yankee Raider

    The intruder went back because the husband was fine looking (more like "HOT") and he thought it would be an easy rape…. if only he could get rid of the wife first. It's that obvious people.

  • Yankee Raider

    Seriously though, several comments on here have reflected opinions by people who have come to lose sight of the bigger picture. Those who were reprimanding this couple for leaving their door unlocked are taking the wrong approach. I admit that leaving an open window is a little strange after the first assault, however, nobody deserves to be assaulted and violated as this couple apparently was–and certainly not because they left their window or door unlocked. They weren't "asking for it". That kind of mentality reminds me of a time where I was told by somebody who once was a "friend" that I'm "lucky that [he] didn't steal ALL my money because there was plenty of times where [he] could have!"… as if a "thank you" was in order to him for not violating me as much as he could have. That's just fcuk'ed up!

    • whit

      They didnt ask for it, but they are not being responsible parents, or homeowners. Someone invented locks hundreds of years ago for a reason. THIS IS THE REASON! I know a woman who never locked her doors, home or not, and let her little girl sit in front of an uncovered room at night in full view of the street. I warned her for years to be more prudent, and she laughed at me each time, telling me how safe her neighborhood was. Once, when I went to visit, I found her gone, and 6 little kids (about 6 years old) playing in her house where a loaded gun was in the nightstand of her room. Anyway, during the night, a guy came into her house, and she didn't hear him (alarm not set) and he came through an unlocked door. Held a knife to her throat as he dragged her around the house saying he was going to kill her and her daughter. They escaped, and now she has been playing the victim for several years since. I'm sorry it happened, and she wasn't asking for it per se, but she did nothing to prevent it, and it was bound to happen at some point. She is lucky her stupidity didn't cost her and her daughter their lives. These people in this story can say the same thing now.

  • whit

    Glad this ended well for this family. If you keep your doors unlocked, that is unwise, to put it nicely. If you leave your window unlocked right after you have been attacked by an intruder in your home, you are pretty stupid. That is also putting it nicely.

  • whit is a dimwhit

    Whit- you are a pathetic piece of wasted earth. Locks are the reason? Did you know almost every single lock can be picked? I really hope someone breaks in your house and takes everything u own. I dont wish things like that on anyone, but you are a tree hugging pathetic idiot. Private schools dont teach common sense. This guy got what he deserved, death!!! Any burglar should be killed, then there will be less burglaries since people know they will be shot. Law of physics. Whit is a liberal who has been sheltered her whole life and never had anything bad happen, yet!!! Some day you r going to have something happen and then wish you had a gun!! Guns dont kill people, people kill people!!!

  • Guest

    Good for her, but after the first time….I would think that would of been reason enough to get a shotgun…..

    @Whit What you said is just stupid. Why should someone live in fear?. How about be smart and protect yourself? If someone comes through my door…they will not fair well…