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Sunshine marks busy start to boating season

SEATTLE — Thousands turned out as a parade of 250 boats celebrated the start of boating season along the Montlake Cut.

“I’m here from Georgia, and we don’t have anything like this in Georgia,” said Marie Abercrombie. “It’s gorgeous, with beautiful boats.”

 “The tradition really is getting people focused on the boating season, and reconnecting with old friends after the cold, dark days of the pacific northwest,” said Shawn Otorowski, with the Seattle Yacht club.

The Montlake Cut is also a great place for a race, and lots of people were there to see the crew races for the Windermere Cup.

 But on a day like this, it’s just great to be outside and on the water.

Kate Butcher, who got to watch it all from the marshal’s boat, said, “It’s Seattle at it’s best, with the mountains, the sun, the boats, and the university.”

“Awesome.”boating season

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