Hiker believed missing in Capitol State Forest says he’s fine

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Scott Garrow (Photo: Thurston County Sheriff’s Office)

LITTLEROCK, Wash. — A 47-year-old hiker-survivalist who was believed missing in the Capitol State Forest was found alive and well, The Olympian reported Wednesday.

He is in a wilderness area in Lewis County and said he left of his own free will, the newspaper said.

Scott Garrow’s wife dropped him off to test his survival skills in Capitol State Forst on April 18 and reported him missing when he did not return home Monday.

Thurston County search and rescue teams began searching in the forest Tuesday, but the search was called off after deputies found out a state Department of Natural Resources officer had seen Garrows in a car Saturday.

“He was contacted in a vehicle by DNR law enforcement Saturday in a completely different part of the forest,”  Thurston County Sheriff’s Lt. Greg Elwin told The Olympian. “We are suspending all our search and rescue efforts in the forest and will be investigating this with detectives.”

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  • clifford Trudeau

    This is a brushy area with much slash and thinning debris left under the canopy. It is very hard to walk. It is easy to get turned around even with a compass. however the streams feed in three directions depending where you are at.
    I have seen hunters go into the brush hunting and come out miles from where they went in. One fellow got lost 200 yards from his truck and spent 1 1/2 days trying to find his way out. He came out within fifty feet of his truck. He had a fire the night before a mere 200 feet from his truck and suffered rain and sleeet all night. His wife calls him stupid every morning. She will not let him hunt any more.
    If this fellow is lost he will come out some where or never be found at all.

  • guest

    Rules for Wilderness Travel…Rule #1) STUPIDITY KILLS….if you don't have enough skills or sense to get yourself in AND out by yourself…DON'T DO IT….(see rule #1)..btw….I smell fish…..Rule #2) It's a STEEP learning curve…ie: a very short list…

  • Vicki

    This story doesn't include that the "survival" shows inspired this adventure. There is such a long stretch from those shows to real life. The prior posters are right on the mark with their comments. Concerns for Scott's welfare are well placed.