Amanda Knox: I contemplated suicide in prison

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NEW YORK — In an exclusive interview with People magazine that hits stands Friday, Amanda Knox said she was so depressed during her four years in an Italian prison on a murder charge that she considered killing herself.

The Seattle native was convicted in Italy of killing her roommate Meredith Kercher. An Italian court overturned her conviction in 2011.

Knox gave the interview to People  in advance of the release of her memoir, Waiting to be Heard, which is to be released next Tuesday.

Will the U.S. extradite Amanda Knox back to Italy?

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  • Unk

    Who cares anymore. The glove didn't fit so acquit !! Just leave the girl alone let her get her book $ and movie $ cuz I'm sure that's next if its not already in the works

      • Samantha

        Yes Dr. Mull and you are also a doctor who traumatised his own psychiatrist. You really should stay out of conversations about Amanda Knox. You clearly have an issue with women, to put it mildly! If anyone doesn't know what I'm referring to, this man "Drbrmull" devotes his life to defaming and demonising Amanda Knox. He is also a medical practitioner who attacked his own psychiatrist. One wonders how good a doctor he can be when he devotes so much time to trawling the internet, writing nasty things about Amanda Knox whenever and wherever he can! Grow up 'Doctor'. You have about as much emotional insight as the Italian prosecutor. You middle aged men just watch too much internet porn, and you think those vile scenarios where girls do awful things to girls are 'real'. They are not real. They are the simulated fantasies of MEN who pay tragic, drug addicted porn 'stars' to enact male fantasies for men like you. Women don't enact sexual violence against other women. That is a purely MALE fantasy and I know exactly where you get your lurid, mixed up, twisted ideas from! Amanda Knox is just an average American kid. Go back to your porn sites for your fantasies, and leave real young women out of it. It is an abomination that men like you hold positions of any power and trust at all! You should understand how evidence is collected and verified if you have a medical degree! There is NO evidence at all to prove that Amanda Knox was involved in Meredith's death. Your lurid thoughts are evidence for nothing, 'Doc'

  • Sophia

    I cannot imagine how awful it would be to go to jail for four years over a crime I did not commit. What happened to Meredith Kercher is undoubtedly more tragic than what happened to Amanda Knox, but Amanda has endured real trauma nonetheless. Amanda is not profiting over Meredith's tragedy. She is writing about her own. Let's not forget that Amanda Knox was studying literature and creative writing well before any of this happened. It is entirely her right to use her talents to write about her own hellish experience. Also, her family has lost a lot of money that is not going to be compensated for by the Italian government, and this book deal will no doubt go some way to helping her family recover financially. Amanda will most likely be traumatised by this experience for the rest of her life, and anyone who thinks she is doing this just for 'attention' really has no compassion. Also, the Kercher family should read the book, and perhaps they will find some peace in seeing that the true murderer of their daughter is behind bars, even if not for long enough!