Busted: Man talks of his surprise birthday party where 24 arrests made

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BONNEY LAKE — Police arrested 24 men and women between the ages of 18 and 21 for underage drinking at a large surprise birthday party in Bonney Lake.

According to the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office, neighbors in the 8400 block of Locust Avenue called police to complain April 6 about the loud noise coming from a young renter’s home. Plain-clothes officers in the area arrived at the party to find a large gathering of young men and women, many of whom appeared intoxicated.

Paramedics discovered one young woman drunk and unconscious on a floor and took her to a local hospital. And the “birthday boy” said Thursday he’s not surprised his party was cut short.

“I mean, I want to say they (police) kind of tricked us, but we all had it coming, I think,” said Todd Milburn, referring to his surprise 20th birthday party. “Of course, I had a lot of fun. A lot of my friends were there; we all went down together, but (it was) a big eye-opener.”

It was a big-eye opener and a big bust. The Pierce County sheriff’s ‘Party Intervention Patrol’ arrested 24 young men and women for underage alcohol possession.

The woman found passed out in a bathroom was taken to the hospital for alcohol poisoning.

“She was drinking a little heavier than other people,” Milburn said. “I didn’t know about it until the paramedics showed up and found her in the bathroom. I was like, whoa!”

Neighbor George Brown was surprised to hear the underage party was just across the street  — and wonders if the drinkers know how serious the arrests are.

“That’s unfortunate and I think whoever was involved in that felt pretty badly,” Brown said. “Younger people, sometimes it take a little while to figure out that (drinking) can get very serious.”

The county Party Intervention Patrol targets underage drinkers – and springtime is off to a busy start.

But for Milburn, he says his drinking days are over.

“I wish my neighbors would have talked to me first,” Milburn said. “But, I mean, every kid wants to have fun. But you don’t have to drink to have fun. I’m probably not going to drink anymore because I don’t want to ruin my life.”

Police said even a charge of “a minor in possession of alcohol” can follow young people for years, putting college grants in jeopardy.

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