Bail set for mother, father of dead infant found in woods

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

OCEAN SHORES, Wash. — The mother of an an infant found dead in the woods told police she gave birth while sitting on a toilet in a motel last Thursday, and that the baby’s father told police he didn’t think the newborn was alive and took the body and left it in the wooded area, court documents showed Monday.

The mother, Brittany Taylor, 21, and her boyfriend, Patrick Parnel, 22, were arrested Saturday and were being held in Grays Harbor County Jail in lieu of $250,000 bail each.

The county coroner said the child died from blunt force trauma.

The Grays Harbor County prosecutor’s office said in the documents that there is probable cause to believe that Parnel and Taylor committed the crimes of first-degree assault and first-degree manslaughter “by inflicting great bodily harm to a newborn infant child and recklessly causing that child’s death.”

According to the court documents, Taylor told the officers “that this was her first pregnancy and that she had lied about the pregnancy because she didn’t want anyone to know. She told officers that Patrick Parnel was the father and that she had given birth around 1 a.m. on April 4 at the Oasis Motel in Ocean Shores.

“The baby was born while she was sitting on the toilet and Parnel assisted wearing a latex glove and using a pair of scissors to cut the umbilical cord. Parnel told law enforcement officers … that he dropped the baby as it was being delivered in the toilet,” the documents said. “Parnel indicated that he slapped the baby on the side a little, but the baby did not appear to be alive. Neither he nor Taylor made any attempt to give the child CPR, revive the child or call 911.”

Parnel told officers that he wrapped the baby in a towel, took it to his car and and drove to a wooded area near the airport, where he set it down and put brush over it.

The causes of the infant’s of death were listed as skull fractures and brain injuries. The manner of death was ruled a homicide.

Charges in the case are expected to be officially filed on Wednesday in Grays Harbor District Court.

A woman out for an evening walk in Ocean Shores discovered the body Saturday.

baby foundHoquiam Police Chief Jeff Myers said, “She looked into the woods beyond the rag and saw what appeared to be the body of an infant and she summoned a local paramedic who lives around the corner. He checked and paramedics responded and verified that it was, in fact, a deceased infant.”

Investigators are sending DNA and blood evidence to a lab for analysis.

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  • john doe

    It sounds like these people need to be shot in the head. How could anyone do this to a newborn baby?? How terrible.

  • loveing parent of 3

    there is nothing a new baby could ever do to deserve this type of treatment, what the hell is wrong with people. dont they know thier are people whom would have loved that baby as there own, given it a better chance to be the best thing that ever happen in there life. adoption was one option, and many other places that help people that dont want the parenting job.they should spend the next 20 years thinking of all the other options that they had and yet didnt use!!!!!

  • Katbalou

    I don't understand. Isn't it legal to leave a newborn at a hospital without any questions asked any longer? Why, why, why would you intentionally harm any helpless living creature, most especially, a little baby?

  • Katbalou

    Another thing just occurred to me — doesn't $250,000 bail seem awfully low for this kind of crime? It IS murder and it sounds as though it was premeditated.

  • Anonymous

    They obviously didn’t want the baby if she was “too embarrassed to tell anyone that she was pregnant”. This was CLEARLY no accident!! Fry these murdering scum bags!

  • Guest

    And this is exactly why I firmly believe that some people should be forced to undergo mandatory sterilization the moment they hit puberty. Stupidity breeds, people!!

  • Joe

    So what she was raised in government shools where abortion is taught to be not only a really great thing, but fun as well, oh go to the abortion clinic and then stop by and get a latte an the way home culture. It used by thought that humnan life was worth very little in the streets of Hong Kong, but it turns out America is now that way; unless you're a criminal that deserves the hang noose then the bleeding hearts will save you.

  • Kelly

    If you do not want your infant, you can drop it off at any hospital emergency room without any question. There are so many people that are unable to have a child of their own, that would love and care for the child as it should be, no excuses for this monstrous behavior.

  • Guest

    I really feel for the grandparents in this situation, who will be ridiculed, and talked about horribly, it is really sad that these kids felt they had no other way to deal with this. I pray that people will think about how they would feel if this were their family before they start horrible rumors, ect. I'm not sure what I feel should happen to the parents, they should have to pay for what they have done, and it is true they could have dropped her off at the fire station just a but down the road. I do however feel that until all the FACTS about the case are out in the open, people need to really think, and consider how they would feel if this were their family.

  • Janet Johnson Madden

    Heartbreaking for the baby. How could ANYONE do this to an innocent child?? I cannot believe the tears from both of them (the suspects) in the court room, they think they have pain?? They should have thought about the pain the child had and the tears of the child! Selfish ~ Horrible Monsters these two are, they deserve Life in Prison and way more than that….I hope they have nightmares Forever & the baby haunts there every sorry moment on earth!!! Rest in Peace and fly with the angels you poor innocent baby………..SO SAD! :'(

  • MBR

    With all the places they could have surrendered back baby to it is completely absurd and appalling that they did this to the baby. Safety surrendering baby laws were created for cases like this. People who have babies under a certain age can then surrender & don’t want them or are unable to take care of them can surren a baby with no questions asked to fire stations, police stations and hospitals.

    How in the hell does a new born baby receive blunt forced, to them if they just “put” the baby in the woods? Sounds like to me they didn’t want this baby so they got rid of the baby in the coldest way!

  • Chris

    How can anyone look at a newborn in the face (or any chid) and kill them (or hurt them) is beyond belief. We truly do live in a sick world. I am an atheist gay liberal male, but not even I (who loves children dearly) have any sympathy for these monsters; electric chair is a suitable punishment. No bleeding heart here!

  • Chris

    Holy crap! That young lady is 21? Sheesh! I knew white folks age faster than us people of color, but damn…! Lay off the meth young folks! No doubt this is white trash on meth. Just look at them! Every race has trash! Give them the noose!