Homeowner shoots 2, killing man, wounding woman on his property

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

maple valley shootingBy Steve Kiggins

Q13 FOX News reporter

MAPLE VALLEY — The King County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an early morning shooting that left one man dead and a woman seriously injured.

A 911 call was placed shortly before 4 a.m. Friday by Maple Valley homeowner Chuck Emig, 66, who said two people were trespassing on his property and were attempting to break into a shipping container, the sheriff’s office said. The call was disconnected and Emig called back a few minutes later and said he had shot the alleged intruders.

When deputies arrived on the scene, they found one man dead and a woman seriously injured with at least one gunshot wound. The woman was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in critical condition.

“The property owner here has been released and per further investigation, and as of right now there are no charges being filed against the property owner, but we’re still investigating the incident,” said King County Sheriff’s Office detective Jason Stanley.

Sheriff’s deputies are no strangers to the neighborhood. Stanley said they’ve responded several times in the past few weeks for burglary calls.

“There was cops out here just the other day, four of them, I think,” said neighbor Jake Huber. “My brother, he’s been robbed four times.”

Asked how he’d feel if his neighbor was arrested for the shooting, Huber said, “He’d better not (be charged) because the population’s going to be mighty PO’d. It’s high time we take the law into our own hands.”

Another neighbor, Dennis Lundy, said, “Hopefully they’ll find that he was justified in what he di,d but I’m sure he’s going to live with his choice for a long time. You make a choice in a second and you evaluate it for a lifetime.”

Detectives are working to determine if Emig fired in self-defense. If Emig felt his life was being threatened, he may be in the clear.

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  • guest

    we should have every right to protect our property at all costs. if our stuff isn't worth a life then the theives wouldn't be willing to risk theirs.

        • mrcoffee

          That it is. Kind of like if a burglar were to break into your house, get hurt, then sues you beacuse he got hurt breaking in your home…

        • guest

          it's not that grey..the homeowner had called the police a few times over the past week…also, the point should be made that if the thieves didn't find "what they were looking for" in the container what's to stop them from "looking" in an old mans house?…kudos to the homeowner…he has every right to protect himself and his property..the police cannot be counted on to help all of the time..thats silly thinking…

  • Block Watcher

    These kinds of cases come up every couple of months. I don't think the property owner has the right to go outside his house and shoot at people. Don't the burglars have to be breaking into the home and be inside the house? It will be interesting to see how it is handled.

    • KT

      Property is property.. I wouldn't wait for them to come inside either-although I would shoot a warning shot first if they are outside

    • sv1g

      If someone was breaking into his property, he has the right to investigate or confront them. If they threatened him and/or had some sort of weapon, he has the right to shoot them. I wouldn't wait for someone to actually assault me to make sure that was their intent before punching them full of holes.
      Shooting someone if they are running away is one thing but if there is any chance that they are going to stop me from ever being with my wife and little boy again, they're going to get shot.

    • smilesalot

      I know this man personally- he has been robbed by these people 6 times in the past few months!! The report also fails to mention he was threatened by large blunt weapons PRIOR to him shooting!~ He would never hurt a soal unless he felt he had no other choice! BTW how would you like it if someone broke into your garage ( unattached to house) you went to investigate and YOU were attacked? That is basically what happened. I hope all these crooks go to jail!

  • guest

    the property owner SHOULD have the right to protect his property. criminals SHOULD have to FEAR what might happen to them in commission of a crime!

  • Bill Cooper

    Dr. Emig is a respected member of the Maple Valley Community. As a friend, neighbor and customer he has always been amiable and sensitive toward animals and their owners. There have been a number of incidents involving theft in our immediate community. Dr. Emig has been a frequent victim of thefts, most recently last week, when 20K worth of tools were removed from a locked container located on his property. His frustration mirrors that of his nieghbors and the community at large. Even to that end I have never heard Chuck suggest any form of vengance in my discusions with him, the latest being on Monday. Was he angry? What noormal person wouldn't be.

    • Shepherdess

      He lives alone, Bob, and he is a veterinary. Rather than spend time on landscaping, he is literally on call 24/7 for anyone whose animals are in distress. He is a "mobile vet" which means that he comes to your farm. On several occasions in the last 16 years he has dropped everything and raced to my home to help me with a sick animal. For some reason, animals feel it is only appropriate to be in distress in the evening (usually on a Sunday night) when the average human wants to do something frivolous (like resting or eating dinner). Dr. Emig not only doesn't complain about that, but when he arrives, he has a cheery, upbeat attitude. He is a terrific veterinary with a HIGH success rate. I once found one of my sheep on the ground, convulsing. ON THE PHONE Dr. Emig correctly diagnosed the problem and prescribed the appropriate treatment. In 24 hours, the sheep was well on the way to recovery and she lived a long life afterward. Dr. Emig is a wonderful man and a kind friend. If he wants to live in an igloo, it's okay with me. I hope all the people he has helped will rally around him at this stressful time.

  • Brandon

    I'm glad that the owner stood up for his rights. The attempted thieves got what they deserved. If there are any nay sayers out there, I do not apologize for my stance on the subject. Personal property should be defended by any means felt worthy by the owner of said property. If not, why would you own it in the first place?

  • Dick

    A person should have the right to shoot anyone on the property without their permission. Criminals, tresspassers, etc. have the right to die for their transgressengs. Period.

  • Crystal

    Chuck is an outstanding person whose safety and security was being threatened. These scumbags had robbed my grandparents who are in their 80’s as well. They run in a really bad circle that has no regard for other people. Who knows what they would have done had he not defended himself. From my understanding they came at him and he was unsure if they were armed. After all, they are irrational meth heads.

  • guest

    @ Jenny I know a relative of one of the thieves even the family states she is a druggie. People need to realize under the influence you are still responsible for your own actions. Someone comes on my Property in the middle of the night? Yeah they will have to face the consequences.

    • Mike

      The need to justify all the taxes and government employees demand extraordinary efforts to preserve her life. If she were to have died we would not need an office building full of prosecutorial staff, then their are the corrections department to rehabilitate her to loose her back on society. Maybe just maybe it was because we, according to the Declaration Of Independence we have the right to life granted by our creator, but I doubt that considering the millions terminated by our policy of infanticide.

  • Fed up with the crap

    Nice shootin Tex! You should have finished the job NO REASON to keep the useless POS around! As far as a warning shot: ammo is expensive the only one I would give you is one between the eyes! If criminals had to expect more than the lame ass gov't gives them they might choose a different career. Hell if was property I would draw a couple of stick figures with X's through them on my fence or driveway entrance to let the rest of the METH MONSTERS know if you are here without permission YOU ARE NEXT!! I had the same thing happen to me and the "perp" as the local police call them was a illeagal alien and tried to hit me with a pipe. I called 911 and they did nothing but tell me they would arrest me for threating this POS so to repeat what I said earlier "ammos expensive, only warning shot I'm giving you is aimed at that 8 lbs block of crap attached to your shoulders!

  • MV resident

    Sounds like families have been notified so why are the names not being released? And to the owner….you did what you needed to. The drug addicted thieves were in the wrong and I hope this sends a strong message to the drug addicts of the Valley that people have had enough. Get a job like the rest of the population!!

  • Friend

    I think the homeowner should be prosecuted, it be different inf they were breaking into his home, but it was A storage unit outside. everybodys saying ya this is right ,, good for him,, praising this guy like hes A hero.. sound to me like he killed this guy and shot this woman cause he was mad .. it doesnt say any where that there was a weapon found or that the 2 were shot leaving the shed heading towards the mans house.. Im actually betting that its gonna come out that the man was shot in the back running away from the owner, so that doesnt make him A hero. thats murder. last i looked that was a lot worse crime than theft/burglary.. i happen to know the guy that was shot.. was it wrong breaking into that shed,, yes of course it was,, did he deserve to die or does his kids deserve to not have a dad no more.. No thats not right either… Its A terrible tragedy all the way around.

    • eric morris

      He should not have been digging through someones else's personal property. I don't have much but what I have I earned it honestly. I live in SC where it is perfectly legal to shoot anyone who chooses to do what these people were doing; and you better believe I will……

  • guest

    its a dump he dont live there he shot my best friend running Away he wanted to kill them k fucked up n left one alive he better get charged hes a piece of shit

    • friend

      I agree I’ve know him most my life this wasn’t a fear for life shooting this was a killing of another human bein because he can

    • Chris

      Well your bestie should have picked an even easier target. The old man had been robbed of the contents of a container earlier and it makes sense since the first theft was successful, the thief may have thought another try would be successful too… except this time the old man was armed and paying attention to his property that your bestie was trying to steal.

      Was your bestie running away empty handed??

  • friend

    All you peolpe saying your two cents on how this was justified. Should of killed the other.. oh these druggy meth heads.. etc etc… oh because this guy took care of your poor sheep or this poor animan make him a person that the town should sstand behind on this…. he murdered 2 people one that died he shot in the back… what. Was the intruder running at him backwards… and he feared for his life.. and the other intrudert that made it.. wassnt she shot 2x .. ya that’s not fearing for my life .. thats murder . He’s no better that the monsters that go and shoot up a school or a mall… oh wait ur right he comes takes care of ur animals.. ya that makes it a lot easier now…. I find in really interesting that what they were breaking into and what was in it is such hush hush…. if this guy gets away with it well then I’m sure everyone else is gonna start shooting peolpe in ther yard saying I was fearing for my life ….. hopefully justice will be served no matter who they were they were still human beigns.. who didn’t get a trial by there peers they got killed by a vigilante….

    • Chris

      No, one was killed and the other wounded by the OWNER of the property they were trying to steal from.

      Instead of defending a couple of thieves, why not suggest to future thieves to stay off property that doesn't belong to them or to get JOBS so they won't go around stealing from people, especially our elderly.. the manner in which they selected their victim says how much respect they had for the livelihoods of others who have worked a lifetime for the possessions they have.

    • Captain America

      Good riddance to oxygen-stealing pieces of shit.

      Why don't you pay the good doctor a visit? I bet he's got something that could cure that "born stupid" problem of yours.

  • KMW

    What does the state of the property have to do with his right to defend it? Does the value of an object determine whether or not you are allowed to use deadly force? You people are idiots. What does someone's political views have to do with their opinion on this matter? "I bet they voted for Obama" What the hell does that mean? Are you a backwoods homophobic republican? How does that make your opinion more valuable than mine?

  • Guest

    Yes, really. Political stance has everything to do with it and you're the idiot. Liberals are soft on crime and always make an excuse for the criminal. That's a proven fact, so Rich is most likely correct.

    • ted

      When you say “It’s a proven fact”, it only shows what a moron you are. I am a real conservative and you don’t know what you’re talking about. Please don’t lean on my party to support your stupidity.

  • Guest

    Also, see how Rich is being called a "pathetic disgrace of a human" and a "homophobic backwards relive local?"

    They (libtards) have harsher words toward someone who points out their lunacy than the meth head piece of garbage thief they defend.

    I'll bet KMV and Jody want to take the home owner's gun from him.

  • Chris

    It is disgusting how these petty criminals target the elderly. We had a family wiped out for a burglary. Bill and Pauline Goggin, and Bill's mother Bettye were brutally murdered in a home invasion. They were all old and without weapons to kill the intruder and now they are dead.

    A person's yard is a part of their home. It gives anyone in the yard immediate access to the interior of their house. The man had a right to defend his entire HOME including his yard. Why should he have to let thieves rip him off because he has valuables outside??!!

  • Willy

    Well, what was the final outcome of this story? Was homeowner Chuck Emig charged with anything? Why doesn't the media follow-up on these stories?