Toddler ‘covered in bruises’ had 0.12 blood alcohol level before death

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

TACOMA — A 2-year-old who died after being found “covered in bruises” by Tacoma police had a .12 blood-alcohol level at the time of his death — one and a half times the legal limit for an adult driver in the state, the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office said.

Jake Musga, 19, charged with first-degree murder and first-degree child rape, was being in the Pierce County Jail on $2 million bail. Musga pleaded not guilty Wednesday.

Prosecutors and police call it one of the worst cases of child abuse they’ve ever seen.

“This is one of those crimes that just truly shocks the conscience. It leaves you with your head shaking.  Why beat a child? Why violate a child? Why force feed alcohol to a child?” Pierce County prosecutor Mark Lindquist said.

According to court documents, the baby, Chayson Colley, was bruised from head to toe, suffered bleeding in the brain and stomach, had a collapsed lung and bruising and the child had a blood alcohol level of .12.

Police said the 911 call came in just after 4 a.m. Saturday: A baby not breathing.

Musga, the mother’s boyfriend, was alone with the baby at the Commencement Terrace Apartments in downtown Tacoma and tried to explain the baby’s condition to police, saying the boy was rambunctious and often fell and hurt himself, but prosecutors say that doesn’t explain the injuries.

“The doctors and the medical examiner studied these injuries and they are not consistent with the defendant’s explanation of a fall here or a tumble there. These injuries are the result of abuse,” Lindquist said.

Musga allegedly told police that the child was not acting like himself during most of Friday. The child’s mother went to McCleary to celebrate her birthday and left Musga caring for the toddler. Musga told police that he drank four ounces of alcohol, and the child must have taken a sip from his drink when he wasn’t looking.

The pair went to bed in the late evening after a shared shower. Musga said the child got up in the middle of the night and fell to the floor. He discovered the baby wasn’t breathing and ran into the lobby for help.

The medical examiner found that the baby suffered injuries too numerous to count; there were specific fatal blows to the head and torso. He also suffered significant internal and external injuries that police say are consistent with rape.

Police also allegedly found numerous used diapers and used baby wipes that appeared to contain blood.

If convicted as charged, Musga faces 30 years behind bars, but because of the vulnerability of the child and the alleged rape, prosecutors say Musga could be sentenced to life in prison.


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  • Bill in Canada

    I hope they have the death sentence where he lives (we don't)…but even if they don't, when he gets into prison, he's going to suffer a slower and much more painful death at the hands of the other prisoners…which is what he deserves anyways. Trouble is, they will put him in segregation and the tax payers will have to feed him for the next 70 years or so.

    • Shanna O

      We have the death penalty, but our prosecutors are elected officials and don't have the balls to use it, and he will most definitely not serve 70 years. Our justice system is a joke.

      • Guest

        I've said it before, and I'll say it again: to those who would have capital punishment abolished, to prevent the execution of those later found innocent of the crime they were convicted of, if someone is convicted of a capital crime, they are sentenced to life in prison, without any possibility of parole. They are put in a cube the size of a bathroom, with a hole in the floor to relieve themselves in. No lights, no windows, no furniture, nothing to do. 3 plates of 500 calories of gruel come under the door every day at 6am, noon, and 6pm. No medical/dental, no interaction with others, no reading, no exercise yard, and certainly no internet, TV or radio.

  • Redeemed

    Unfortunately he will be out of jail sometime down the road with new skills and more victims will be a result for we seem to think folks who have crossed this boundary in human behavior will not return to it.
    There is no room in civilized society for him or anyone like him to return. Why rehabilitate when we can recycle.. it's called compost folks!

  • drad

    the only problem is, they separate the child rapists from the rest of the prison population because they WOULD get raped and beaten to death (i don't know why they don't just let it happen!) so he will just sit in jail because washington sucks…. we have the death penalty, but it's never used. gary ridgeway the green river killer- who killed like 69 prostitutes- is STILL on death row.

      • drad

        I know…. what a waste of money for these assholes to sit in prison forever. If someone cannot function in society they should be taken out back.

      • Bobby

        It actually costs more to put someone to death then life without, appeals, inmate to guard ratio and such. Un fortunately. And child offenders are separated all over the nation so it's not just WA.
        Ridgeway plea bargained for his life, he gave up many details of other murders. Not that he doesn't deserve death, just sayin.

  • Barbie Gallagher

    What the hell, the son of a bitch…. sicky, my god i hope someone puts a bullet to his head this is horrifying,,,, cps why…. bless the baby amen…..Im a chrits…ian, but burn in hellbefore some kilss him take a broom stick up his ass……Barbi

    • guest

      We understand the justice system. The problem is his stories don't add up and the evidence is stacked against him. I feel horrible of the families on both sides right now.. I understand why the mother would refuse to speak to law enforcement. She needs a lawyer but if she was aware of the abuse they'll find out. :( Just a sad sad story that a little boy lost his life

    • Guest

      To much evidence to be innocent. There are no reports of anyone else being at the house. However some of the injuries were older than rec ent so the Mom has some responsibility in leaving the child alone with an abuser.

    • drad

      We understand that there is no way a 2 year old could bang himself around so much that he KILLS HIMSELF, also, taking a "sip" of his drink would not cause such a high BAC, also…. we understand that the child DID NOT RAPE HIMSELF.

    • Bobby

      Gotta agree here…yes after a fair trial, he will burn. But allow due process. There's nothig worse than being tried by the media. that makes society non thinking sheep.


    I pray that God destroys the person who did that to the baby it is disgusting I think all people who do things like that should have their balls cut off without pain medication WTF

  • BxB

    This story is being presented for the purpose of getting people riled up. Don't believe everything you read in the media, it's often skewed and wrong to get ratings. They have't proved anything yet.

    • LLR

      except that a poor defensless baby boy was raped, beaten and is dead. Oh yeah and that the baby was over the legal limit of intoxication…. oh yeah and that the guy was drinking too. That has been proven. You must be a relative.

    • anonymous

      i actually am good friends with the child's mother. you're right there aren't any details she knows when she was gone, but there was significant bruises on chayson that proved many incidents of abuse while she was away.

  • Tc-Elma

    Well buddy hate to tell ya this but one of your best friends is a fricken sicko that needs to go to prison and be raped and beat to death himself. he has some major issues thats for sure.for your sake im glad to see ya said he was one of your best friends not that he is…

  • Crystak

    This bothers me so bad,. I have a 2 year old little boy, i would kill a motherfucker for touching my son. i sit here thinking about this little boy and what he went thru and its the face of my sweet little boy i see. my son is my life and if anyone tried to hurt him i would spend the rest of my life in prison. i will be happy just knowing he is safe

    • JessicaJustice

      You sound just like me, I've read numerous stories about child abuse/molestation and I always say that I would "KILL A MOTHERFUCKER" and "SPEND THE REST OF MY LIFE IN JAIL FOR MURDER" if anyone ever touched either of my kids, Makes me sick to my stomach to imagine what this poor baby went through. Bloody diapers found throughout the house? I can just imagine what that sick fuck did to that poor baby. I can't imagine what the mother is going through (that is, if she is innocent, if not she better get a damn good lawyer). :( Prayers for the family of all people involved, this is just horrible!

  • Amanda

    That is very sick and sad I would like to hear how the mother is doing or feeling. I live in Washington and the system does kinda suck but I hope he gets what he deserves!

  • Sarah

    This is one disturbing news article. I can't believe a grown person could do this to a child. I don't think it is being portrayed wrong by the media. I am not an investigator, but he is being charged for the crime so they must have some pretty good evidence. Sick. As far as the mom, where was she? drunk too? I have over came many issues myself, but my children have never been beaten through the midst of my chaos. There are too many services to go to here in Tacoma to allow this to happen. This is plain sick. RAPE of a 2 year old boy? What? This has plainly ruined my night. I think my food will not stay down I am so irritated right now.

    • JessicaJustice

      I'm with you!! Made me sick to my stomach, and really doesn't sit well with me. I'd like to take some anger out on that sick fuck!!

      • Sarah

        I tell myself not to think about this and to concentrate on my things, but god there has to be compassion for humans. I get sad when I see a little baby fall and skin their knees and this guy is using forceful hits. I am not very religious, but when I do hear about things like this I go there to ask for him to help calm me down. And Jessica I am totally with you!!

  • JR Magnuson

    "If convicted as charged, Musga faces 30 years behind bars, but because of the vulnerability of the child and the alleged rape, prosecutors say Musga could be sentenced to life in prison"

    You're kidding me right? Murdering a child is only 30 years? Beating a defenseless child to death is only 30 years? I'm guessing that's before you get out early on good behavior right? Give me a break, people do life for murdering adults, but after killing a child this guy will get out before he's 50. I don't even know how to describe the injustice that exists here in words.

  • Kim

    This is so devastating! I have a 2 year old and if anyone ever hurt her, I would risk spending the rest of my life in jail to make sure the sicko never got to hurt another child ever again! I truly hope he gets tortured and beat while he is in prison. People like this deserve NO mercy! It should be an eye for an eye! The poor toddler. A poor, innocent, vulnerable child had a short life because of this mother effer! It makes me sick!

  • Guest B

    This piece of shit deserves to rot in prison. We would be doing him a favor by killing him. Better yet, let him go free in front of the court and see how long he lasts. If they do that I'd personally make the trip to see it. As for the mother, lay off of her. No one knows the whole story. He obviously wasn't a good person and very well may have been deceiving to her as well. She just lost her baby. She obviously didn't do it so back off. But by all means don't back of of that fucking piece of shit Jake.

  • Guest

    I grew up with him and my first thought was that it could never have been him. Obviously biased to a degree but i really just feel bad for everyone. On a larger scale and knowing him, he wasnt "different" at all. It is just something else that we live in system that can produce this, under not-s0-unique circumstances.

  • joe

    Here come the libtards to save him from civilization’s abortion method, the hang noose. In there minds it's only okay to kill babies when their sleeping in the womb or just prior to the paper work after the cord is cut.

  • Guest-montesano

    If he was drunk,,,, yeah yeah ok, if he is mental,,,, yeh yeh ok,,,,, wait, better yet- maybe he was abused as a child! Yeah! No matter any excuse, there is not ONE that is acceptable. I believe he should get exactly back what he handed out. In scale. Cage him with a rhino and rub him with pheromones.


    That bastard makes me sick. They should skin him alive a little bit at a time..

    Rest in peace little angel. You brought lots of joy to your family. I saw it every single time your Aunt posted up pictures on FB.

  • KMW

    When are mothers going to stop leaving their children with a boyfriend so they can work??? It seems that every time you hear about this sort of thing, it is a man who is not the child's father, at home, not working, while the mother supports them both. MOTHERS! Your child is more important than a boyfriend! If he does not have a job, no single mother has any business dating him!!

  • Katrina

    They already reported that the boy's mom was with family celebrating her birthday so stop trying to accuse her of knowing what was going on, clearly she had no idea. Leave this poor family alone.

    • JaneDoe

      The mom was partying. Pictures were on her Facebook, before she decided to delete it!
      If she was visiting family wouldn’t you think she would bring her son?
      She’s guilty too.

  • joe

    The big libtard judge in Washington state as already let baby killers out declaring that they can't be chared with murder if they killed the baby in anger or drunk and he was re-elected by the low information voters. The president is in cement, this guy will walk free in a couple years, this is the left coast.

  • dean harrison

    I hope someone kills that mother fucker a.s.a.p… Right in his jail cell or in the courthouse. What a sick fuck.

  • EnactDeathPenalty

    Man, this is one sick bastard. However, he will only do 3 years because of the fcked up criminal justice system in WA state. Remember the Tubaman's killers? And how about the Halloween night cop killer? He hasn't even gone to trial yet. In China he'd already have a bullet in the back of his head and the family sent the bill for the bullet. Now that's justice!


    I'm appalled by this story my heart is so saddened with grief for this little boy,I can never imagine as a mother seeing bruises on my child and not think something strange is going on I do not know the mother and will not pass judgement that is for god not myself however I will say that I am glad he was caught in the action of it and can not deny it so he will be punished as seen fit by the law and if there is any other things that come out and anyone else is guilty I hope that they are founded aswell.

    I have a 2 year old and I see my 2 year old as pure hearted and innocent a very trusting nature and good hearted child even if you are to discipline your child, your child still looks to you for comfort so I can not imagine what this baby was thinking while this man did this or if he was wanting his mommy or the thought he would have had.
    I just can not grasp the idea that anyone in this world could do this to a baby or to anyone for that matter but especially a child they are so innocent and look to us for protection and guidance….

    so sad and will be praying for strength for the entire family

  • JaneDoe

    Clearly had no idea?!! Did you also see that she saw the bruises “called” the doctors office but didn’t take him in because she didn’t want to get in trouble for the bruises…. Only a guilty person doesn’t take their fucking child to the doctor!!!! Ugh makes me siiiiiick!!!

  • ctc115

    He looked and seemed like such a nice guy. It's crazy how someone so evil can blend in and even appear to be a nice person. Look at how long the Green River killer got away with it! 30 years he was killing women and no one would believe it because he seemed so normal and even friendly. That is what is so creepy. Jake always seemed like such a nice kid and it's so shocking that he did this. Evidence is looking pretty good against him…

  • Anonymous

    i have been friends with jake for a while and i went to school with him. he was a huge athlete and loved making people laugh and smile. i remember his hugs… they were awesome and even if u didnt want a hug bc u were annoyed, his hugs cheered u up. Granted i didnt spend alot of time with him in the last year because of some things he was doing but i do know that jake was a great guy and he loved kids. i believe that he didnt do it and i hope to hell he didnt, but the drugs could have fried his brain and got the best of him. jake is so loving and really fun to be around, yes i am totally against child rape and killin kids and i would kill a person if they touched my family but people need to lay off. if you knew him u would know that he aint like this and you would really sit down and think about this whole situtation. oh and the mother was not with her family at all she was out with her friends for her birthday. also the mother has records of her beating the child and getting in trouble for it…

    im sure that half of arlington is not happy with him and feel the same way yall do but i know several people that are here for him and hope the best for him. Jake i love you and you know im here for u always have been. u and DJ both.

  • CoCo

    He doesn't deserve the easy way out with death, like most of you are saying…he needs to suffer. just like the baby did. Who knows how long his abuse was going on. I will never understand why people do the horrific things they do. Especially when it comes to children…prayers for the little one :(

  • liz janet

    Please people don't be the judge and the jury, you guys don't know what happen that night, so please stop your stupid comments because he isn't guilty yet. You guys are hurting the family of Jake with this comments, he have a wonderful father a lovely mother so think they are goint thru a ruff time and you guys already want to kill her son. I don't see in my eyes you guys better the any convict, look inside of your house maybe the roof is glass and you can get cut anytime. Hopefully it's something else behind all this crap because he is a great kid. God Bless You and Be with you and your family Jake.

  • Guest

    For all of you that are asking for mercy for Jake…consider the family of Chayson who no longer has their grandson, nephew, cousin to see him laugh, run, and play. You ask for mercy for Jake, where is the mercy for Chayson? Do you actually believe that Pierce county prosecutors would bring the charges they have without evidence? Oh yea they made it all up right. At least Jake's family will be able to see him behind bars that will not be the case for any of Chaysons family. The brutality in this case is sickening and I don't think you understand that drugs take away the individual you may have known. Dont cry for mercy for Jake…..he did not show any for Chayson.