City leaders make pitch for NBA team; Stern unsure on timeline

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NEW YORK CITY — Representatives from Seattle and Sacramento traveled to the city that never sleeps to pitch to an NBA Committee as to why their city should have an NBA team.

Representatives from Sacramento and Seattle, including Chris Hansen, Steve Ballmer, Mayor Mike McGinn and King County Executive Dow Constantine met Wednesday morning with a committee of NBA team owners. They made their case before a board to bring the NBA to Seattle. The committee will then take their recommendations to the NBA Board of Governors on April 18-19.

The NBA’s Board of Governors, made up of owners from all the NBA teams, will decide the fate of the Sacramento Kings in the vote.

BoardThe current majority owners of the Sacramento Kings, the Maloof brothers, attended the meetings.

Following the meetings, NBA Commissioner David Stern said there is no precise timeline for a decision on where the team will land. Previously, it was expected a final decision would be made on April 18-19.

“It’s not at all clear what our precise timeline is before a final decision,” Stern said.

Hansen announced shortly before 4 p.m. Tuesday that 44,000 individuals from the Seattle area signed up as prospective season ticket holders on the website. Hansen released the numbers in part to show the excitement many residents show in advance of a professional basketball team possibly coming back.

Raw video of Chris Hansen with the media: 

Raw video of McGinn and Constantine press conference Part 1:

Raw video of McGinn and Constantine press conference Part 2:

Below are videos with Q13 FOX News Sports Director Aaron Levine and his reports from New York City Tuesday:

Rundowns on the presentations in New York 

Interview with King County Executive Dow Constantine

Interview with Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn

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  • guest

    let sacramento keep them!! we don't need anymore overpaid babies sucking off the taxpayers of King County. We already have too many!

  • Puggington

    I think this is an awful idea. The traffic in Seattle is already bad enough, we don't need it to be clogged anymore.

  • Jeremy

    Think if the revenue this could generate for Seattle. This could help create jobs and help programs that are getting cut now.

    • Teddy Roosevelt

      Then why did they send the Sonics packing a few years ago to begin with? It makes no sense to send a team back up there, that wasn't willing to save the team it had, and this was very recent….

      • UFC iTard

        Because for some reason the bottom-feeding Mariners and then-mediocre Seahawks deserved new stadiums more than the Sonics deserved a simple renovation to their arena.

  • guest

    It will never generate enough to be profitable for the taxpayers, only the owners and other private entities connected to the facility and surrounding it. That's the big lie, Taxpayers will never profit from this kind of adventure, only get screwed. Just look at the past.

  • guest

    its funny how none of you commenters grasp how the economy works. Taxes WILL be generated from tickets and concessions etc. Players get paid by the team not the city. Those rich players also live in town and spend money on homes cars etc. Cities are not supposed to profit from a business above taxes collected.

  • guest

    After this station made disparaging comments about Sacramento and the residents of that city…I hope one of your local volcanoes blows up, burns, and buries your pathetic excuse of a city.