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Man convicted of assault in Montesano courthouse stabbing, shooting

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Steven Daniel Kravetz

CHEHALIS — A jury on Wednesday acquitted Steven Daniel Kravetz of attempted murder when he shot corrections officer Polly Davin at the Grays Harbor County Courthouse in Montesano last year.

But, The Daily World website reported, the Lewis County jury found Kravetz guilty of first-degree assault against Davin, disarming a law enforcement officer, and second-degree assault against Judge David Edwards, who was stabbed in the neck when he came to Davin’s aid.

Kravetz, who his defense attorney said has mental health issues, will stay in the Lewis County Jail until sentencing next month. An exact date has not been set.

Prosecutors said Kravetz has a history of violence, including a domestic violence arrest for allegedly hitting his mother. But his reason for going to the courthouse in March 2012 was still unknown.

County Undersheriff Rick Scott said Kravetz had identified himself as Michael Thomas upon his arrival at the courthouse that day.

Initially, Kravetz was seen on the second floor and was believed to be acting suspiciously, but when Davin arrived to talk to him, he was on the first floor.

Kravetz allegedly attacked Davin, and Edwards intervened. Scott said that when Edwards came to Davin’s aid, he was stabbed in the neck, apparently with a small knife or scissors. Kravetz then struggled with Davin, grabbed her gun and shot her in the shoulder while she was on the ground. He then fled.

Kravetz later surrendered.

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  • Eileen Brunetti

    Just WHEN are we going to get a handle on this mental health issue? If we could do that AND keep guns out of their hands some of these horrific shootings could be avoided. Of course, the CRIMINALS will still have their guns but at least the crazy ones will be disarmed!

  • anon

    This criminal acquired the gun by taking it from Polly, the court OFFICER! Unless you are willing to disarm the police,* a criminal will always be able to acquire firearms.

    *(Police are by far the biggest most violent gang in existence, for that reason alone they should be disarmed).

  • Tankguy99

    Well this is all BS!! Steven should have been exonerated. The jury just wanted him to be punished for being sick. There were 3 experts who testified that he has schizophrenia, delusional, paranoid disorders. He was at the courthouse because he felt like he was raped in 2005 at the hands of law enforcement. If the same amount of effort had been put into his original case, we never would have gotten to this. But now the entire weight of the "justice" system came down on him and it was too much!__Polly Davin didn't just get attacked. She responded to a complaint about a "suspicious" person. She called out to stop him from the top of the stairs, (as he was leaving the courthouse), then closed the distance between them, and reached out to touch him as she tried to lead him outside. I consider that an assault, if I did the same thing to a woman who was frightened of me I too would be accused of assault. However, when a LEO does it, it is okay? Well that was the act that caused Steven to react. Why is it Deputy Davin bears no responsibility for the incident? _

    • Tankguy99

      The Judge came to help, but Steven was in the midst of battle. The judge testified that Steven was strong enough to pull him in, restrain him, and then brought the knife down. However, the would was only a HALF A CENTIMETER deep! A flesh wound at best. How does a man, supposedly enraged, and strong only get the knife in a half a centimeter? Doesn't seem that aggravated to me!__Deputy Davin then pulled the gun, Steven took it away. Jurors seemed to think it was okay for a LEO to point a gun a someone but when Steven did it, or anyone else they said, he meant to commit murder. This guy was not a gun-nut, hadn't even held one for over 20 years. Fired twice, one hit her shoulder and the other went wide, likely due to the recoil. Definitely not an intent to kill.__

      • Tankguy99

        Steven is ill and was seeking justice. Albeit in the wrong way. He made a big mistake due to his history of dealing with the law and fear. Now he is looking at a life in prison for having mental problems that led up to this incident. However, mistakes were made on both sides and the tragedy of our "justice" system is that cops rarely take responsibility for their mistakes but as a citizen, every mistake you make will be dealt with severely by those who are supposed to serve us and protect us. __Steven in prison serves no good!! I know! I was one of the jurors on that trial and I advocated for exoneration, however the choice I was put into was to convict on the lesser charge or hang the jury and risk that another jury would find him guilty of attempted murder. Not a good spot to be in, and I am not sure I made the right choice. This is a travesty of justice as a society is measured by how it treats the weak and sick, and instead of helping this guy, we just demonize him and send him away. Tragic at best!!_
        Dean Phillips