‘The Real World: Portland’ debuts on MTV

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The cast of The Real World: Portland (Photo: MTV)

PORTLAND (KPTV) — It’s the Rose City’s turn to be featured on the popular MTV show The Real World.

The Real World: Portland was set to debut Wednesday night on MTV.

It’s the 28th season for the show, but the first time it’s been filmed in Portland.

The network has described the season as the most unpredictable yet, featuring a replacement roommate after one cast member leaves early.

The cast members lived in the Pearl District during filming of the show and worked at two local eateries.

Throughout MTV.com’s promotion of the show, Portland is described as “hip,” “trendy,” “weird” and “not an intimidating city.”

“It is just so incredibly cool and so weird and I think that’s part of its charm,” said Jonathan Murray, the show’s executive producer. “There’s definitely a ‘there’ there. You can quantify it, you can see it, you can feel it.”

The cast also includes a little dog named Daisy, which makes the trip with one of the roommates.

Seattle was featured in The Real World show in 1998.


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  • Brian

    Not that MTV has anything to do with music anymore, but I can't believe that The Real World is still on the air. How do they keep recycling this diarhea? A bunch of sluts and douchebags vying to the be the biggest jackass for more TV time…real original.

  • guest

    This show is an example of the poor state of our youth, that they even tune in to watch this crap and Jersey Shore, Real Housewives etc. etc. There is nothing "real" about these shows except that they are REAL trash.

  • Adonis

    As I agree with the above statements watching the "real" world no matter how ridiculous always makes me feel better about my life. I love how stupid they're and the things they make a big deal about makes me laugh out loud.