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New wolf pack — the Wenatchee Pack — confirmed in state

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Two wolves in Pitcher Canyon. The ear tag can be seen in the right ear of the wolf in the foreground. (Photo: WDFW)

SEATTLE — A new wolf pack  — the Wenatchee Pack – has been confirmed in the state, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife said.

That makes 10 confirmed wolf packs in Washington state.

The new pack was confirmed just east of the Teanaway Pack. Two wolves traveling together were confirmed via a remote-camera photograph on March 24, the department said on its website.

“The Wenatchee Pack has at least two members – as confirmed by remote-camera photographs on March 24, 2013. One member of the pack is suspected to be a 1.5-year-old female that dispersed from the Teanaway Pack.  The female wolf was observed in the Entiat Mountains of Chelan County on February 11, 2013. The female wolf was captured by WDFW staff in the Teanaway in September 2011 as a juvenile and ear tags (#16) were placed in both ears.

“We suspect the dispersing female from the Teanaway pack (with red ear tags) is one of the members of the Wenatchee Pack,” the department said on its website. “There has been other documented wolf activity in the area consistent with the movement patterns of a pack.”


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  • Don Johnson

    wolfs are predators, just like cougars, mountain lions and bears! When they are in your back yard, and they will be and they are chewing on your child. Remember these comments you made. Elk, deer and other game are grazers not predators and are hunted for food and for game management.

  • Pat

    As the confirmed pack is within a mile of where I live and am accustomed to walking the roads and trails in the area, should I start packing. Are those of you who put the pack over my family’s and pets safety going to come provide protection?

    • Ivan

      Well since there are only two recorded deaths in the the us. and none on the west coast i think you don't have a problem Pat. they keep their distance when they spot human.

  • jesus

    You people are some the most stupid idotic mornic bafoons i have ever had the pleasure of reading on the internet, every single claim you made in defense of these animals was wrong, the do not hide when they see a person you morons they do attack people this past year an elk hunter from montana was attacked while skinning his elk out by a pack of 12 no less, pretty ignorant for you city folk to talk about how us farm country living folk shouldn't worry about the wolfs YOU DON'T LIVE AROUND THEM WE DO. If a wolf crosses onto my property i will kill it and all of its friends and berry them in the woods and no one will ever find them.You idiots in seattle can shit your mouths you do not know what your talking about you are talking and the things your saying ARE WRONG you dont know 1 thing about living around these wolfs you think you do but your wrong, they thrill kill around 20 elk per dog a year not including deer and other small game, just because you dont understand how some one could want these things dead and you wanna be an ignorant fool does not mean i am going to fallow your example these things kill and its all they do its not like a house pet its a 300lbs dog that eats elk and WILL ATTACK PEOPLE that is a fact.Just the other night a guy in town had to unload his pistol on 3 wolfs trying to take his family pet from their drivway they are coming onto our properties and killing our pets and live stock and if you think this is gonna last your sadly sadly mistaken just watch the wolf population die off soon.

    • Ivan

      Haha what's with the name calling Jesus grow up a little. Couple of quick points for ya.. If you read what the article says, it talks about the animals being tagged which means that if you kill them they will be discovered because of the chips in the tags, and you will be arrested and serve jail time for a federal offense because they are a protected species in the area. :) oh and i grew up in Waterville, Washington so if you want to claim about being COUNTRY FOLK believe me i know what that's about.

    • Darlene Abbott

      You move into Wolves land so you should take precaution for that reason but killing them to extinction is not a good thing everything was put on Earth to keep the Earth healthy. Also who pointed you God to deside what lives and what dies? If you are being attack then protect your self and family and pets.These animals are related to our Dogs would you kill your Dog? We are more of a predator because we kill everything, should we be hunted and kill until extinction ?

  • jesus

    were gonna start a new program called RELEASE WOLFS IN SEATTLE and you tree huggers can see what its like to live near wolfs as they attack kids on their way home from school and take your pets from your yards and kill your farm live stock you forget that in our neck of the woods kids some times walk more than a mile from town to get home from school……you want them to be eaten because thats whats coming next and its gonna be on your hands. WOLFS ARE BAD IDEA

    • Travis

      Sorry your mom told you so many fairy tales and that you still believe them. Wolves are NOT 300 lbs, so let's start there with all of your inaccuracies.

  • Ivan

    Oh and you said i don't know what im talking about? maybe you should know the difference between opinion and fact… Id Love to see that 300 POUND WOLF you claim because if you would realize that some of the largest wolves in the world top out at about 175 lbs you would have an animal fit for "MONSTER QUEST" on and that information you can you up on National geographic.com #FACT!

  • kathy

    You know, we live in Idaho, where wolves are. You have no idea what you all are talking about, except for the ones who post the comments saying wolves avoid humans (which they do), they don't attack humans unless they are cornered or provoked, they are "family oriented" (they are monogomous and raise their families well). You idiots that are against the wolves are just what you are calling people that know about wolves. Why don't you try getting some education on the subject before you go blowing off hot air about something you don't know anything about or understand???

  • Knowledge&Experience

    Jesus, perhaps you should not have kids with such an ignorant mind. Sounds to me if you let them walk home through wilderness over a mile that you are not keeping their safety and well being in mind anyway and I'm sure a bear or cougar would be far more likely to stalk and kill them than a timid wolf with it's natural fear of humans. The only point I can agree with is that dogs are definitely in danger with wolf introduction but then again they are in danger from coyotes as well and every other animal with any sort of defense mechanism such as raccoons, porcupines, or even other dogs. From someone who have lived with wolfdogs as pets for the past 20 years as well as raising cattle at the same time who also lives in the country with woods around and many other predators and wild animals, I can say it is our own precautions and forsight that keeps our children, neighbor's animals as well as our own animals safe. Simple things such as not leaving your dogs out to roam of their own free will (who as you may be aware, are also territorial and protective and likely to get into trouble with other animals). Try giving your kids a ride to school so they aren't chased by a neighbors dog or stalked by a cougar while walking a mile home in the wilderness. You need to accept that animals and wildlife share the landscape with us and be smarter than them, but I see you have a problem with that already as it is (unfortunately more than likely from birth). I find it sad that God allowed you children to raise as they will probably end up as ignorant as you if they survive all your obvious neglect of their safety and to all the other fairy tale "big bad wolves" of life. Talk about an idiotic, moron. If the shoe fits, wear it, I guess…feel quite sorry for you really. SMH

    • Darlene Abbott

      You move into Wolves land so you should take precaution for that reason but killing them to extinction is not a good thing everything was put on Earth to keep the Earth healthy. Also who pointed you God to deside what lives and what dies? If you are being attack then protect your self and family and pets.These animals are related to our Dogs would you kill your Dog? We are more of a predator because we kill everything

  • Starb

    Finally, i hear voices ringing of wisdom and truth as opposed to the psycho babble of all these redneck wolf haters who obviously believe there isn't room enough on the planet for a competitor to kill for food elk and deer which they kill for sport! There are enough species of animals on their way to extinction because of human greed and blood lust as it is and we don't need to add to an already overwhelming list. Thank you SMH for adding some sanity and common sense to this wolf-killing frenzy that seems to have engulfed the ignorant redneck community!! I'm so sick of hearing about and looking at posts of dead wolves next to these grinning imbeciles i could puke!

  • starb

    And thank you Ivan and Kathy!! I have always loved the wolves and have friends that have wolf dogs for pets which act pretty much like domesticated dogs and not the monsters these idiots would like you to believe they are. They are magnificent animals and have the right to live without the constant persecution from sadistic humans.

  • yeah thats right.

    i agree there shouldn't be a hunting season for the wolfs but when they are killing your livestock, you should be able to kill them without having to go to jail. And the redneck cummunity agrees.