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Woman’s anti-rape PSA video goes viral

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — A college student from suburban Sammamish made an anti-rape PSA video that has gone viral.

University of Oregon film student Samantha Stendal said she made the video in reaction to the Steubenville, Ohio, rape case that recently made national news.

And now, with her video getting more than a million views, it’s clear her message is being heard.

videoThe PSA took six takes, two actors and Stendal behind the camera.

The college sophomore said she was upset over how the high school victim in the Ohio rape case was being treated. Two high school boys were convicted of sexually assaulting her while she was drunk, but the girl allegedly has been threatened and has come under attack since the convictions and sentencing.

“The whole conversation was what could the victim have done differently to avoid the situation,” Stendal said.

So, she made a 26-second video titled “A Needed Response,” which shows a drunken girl on a couch.

A young man leans into the camera and says ominously, “Guess what I’m going to do to her.”

But he then provides a pillow, blanket and water tumbler to the woman and says into the camera again:  “Real men treat women with respect.”

It was posted online on YouTube Friday and in just hours it had 300,000 views. Now it’s received more than a million views.

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  • Sarah

    Real men treat women with respect. But then again, real women have self control and self respect. Fact: Most of the kids that have been harassing the victim are women who were once her friend, but got tired of her getting drunk and acting stupid. As always, men are to blame and women are perfect. What a messed up society we have.

    • Rose

      Do you live under a rock? MEN think they are never to blame. How dare you blame the victim. People like you are the reason our society is screwed up.

    • Kiki

      Yes, you are correct that many of the people harassing the victim have been women, but the video isn't about bullying. It's about taking care of each other and not taking advantage of each other. Also I've read a bunch of articles about the harassment, and you have your details wrong. One of the girls that was charged was a cousin of one of the accused and the other person was her friend.

    • Mr Holmes

      Women with no self respect are stupid! Rapists are criminals with low self esteem and probably havent had their fair share of coochie No excuse for raping any female under ant circumstances. If i saw someone getting raped the rapit would catch a bullet or a hammer in the head! If someone has a drug or alcohol problen they need help not get raped

  • Erin

    There is no excuse for raping someone. Just because she behaves badly doesn't mean she deserves rape or anything else. We all control our own actions. How we treat people helps define our character. If you see a woman passed out and the only thought that comes to your mind is to rape her, then that shows you'll do anything if you think you can get away with it. Everybody knows that is rape. Everybody knows the penalty for rape is prison. Funnily enough, if you see a man passed out, it's acceptable and funny. A woman passed out just means she wants you to have sex with her. What a messed up society we have.

  • Travis Merryweather

    Only men can be rapists and rapists only rape women. Doing the right thing is a sign of manliness. By logic, not raping a woman and raping a woman are the same thing. Thanks for clearing that up, University of Oregon.

  • Tom

    Idiots! True Rape is a violent act. Always conducted under threat of bodily harm or under actual application of bodily harm. the feel good gushy gushy progressive liberals have perverted the word "rape" to include any sexual act one person performs on another without active consent. Under the REAL definition of rape, there is an aggressor threatening or performing real bodily harm. The person being raped has done nothing to contribute to this act. ANY person who takes actions which make them attractive and then totally vulnerable have to take at least some responsibility for being molested. Only in the US is this considered rape. Did this girl "deserve" to be molested? I don't know, but she has some of the responsibility for drinking too much that she makes herself available to the point of not being able to say NO. Is the guy(s) at fault? Hell yes! They're scum taking advantage of the conditions that the girl set up… So only REAL men care for women? Well, that's an idea that has been made arcane by the Women's rights movement. Chivalry isnt dead, but it lies in a corner badly battered by women. So what is it ladies? Do you want real men, to protect, respect, and take care of you against a cruel world or do you want to be totally equal? You can't have it both ways. Choose now…but choose wisely.