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Spring has arrived

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Well, we finally made it! Spring is here and sunny skies are lighting up the weekend. This, of course brings the inevitable question of “how long will it last?” And we’ve all come to understand THAT answer is very much dependent upon where you live.

Overhead right now is something called a “dirty high.” That means that clouds and the occasional shower can slip into the area even though high pressure is present. Tomorrow and Monday, it’s the coast that has a chance of seeing cloudy skies with a few light showers as a warm front clips the Western third of the state. Puget Sound, on the other hand, should enjoy dry weather with more sun than clouds.

South winds have started to pump warmer air into the state and so temperatures will start to climb. Yesterday, our highs were in the 40s. Tomorrow, Seattle will top out in the upper 50s. The mainly dry conditions will come to an end by Monday night or Tuesday. However milder temperatures (mid to upper 50s) stick around for the better part of next week.

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