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Pete Carroll doesn’t expect rule change to affect Marshawn Lynch


(Photo: seahawks.com)

By Clare Farnsworth/seahawks.com

SEATTLE — Pete Carroll has voiced his opinion on the just-passed rule prohibiting running backs from initiating contact by leading with their helmet, as ESPN.com NFC West blogger Mike Sando caught up with the Seahawks’ coach at the NFL owners meeting today.

“It’s a challenging proposal in that it’s for the officials to determine whether there was intent,” Carroll said. “We feel as coaches that it’s going to be very challenging for those guys to call. But it’s a good move to teach football players of all levels how to not lead with their helmets.”

Carroll also said that he’s not worried about the rule change altering the game of Marshawn Lynch, who rushed for a career-high 1,590 yards last season.

“He’s a mixture, a very unique talent in the way he plays,” Carroll said. “But he is not a guy that definitely leads with his helmet all the time.”


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