Goodbye Space Needle views?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — A battle is brewing over views of Seattle’s iconic Space Needle.

The Seattle City Council is considering an up-zone in South Lake Union, which would allow for buildings up to 24 stories. Developers, former Microsoft Exec Paul Allen and Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn are leading the charge.

03_SLU-Park_view-02_proposedBut many say tall buildings would block views from Queen Anne Hill and other places around the city. Views that many residents paid for.

“Why should we block the Space Needle,” Seattle resident Judy Scimke said. “Who would want to block it? Nobody in their right mind would want to block it.”

Ron Sevart, the CEO of the Space Needle, said any up-zone vote by the city council needs to come complete with an ordinance that would protect key views.

“Whether it’s the Olympics, the Sound, the Space Needle… those are things that make the Seattle Skyline unique,” Sevart said.

The council will take up the up-voting ordinance Monday.

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  • Paul

    congrats to all of the morons who voted for Mayor McGinn the Sycophant. Another fine example of his attempt to turn Seattle into Bellevue

  • biff Michael Appia

    Do not get rid of the views. Just like Jimmie Hendrix, Bruce Lee, Nirvana… the Space Needle is ours! We are not California, we are not from L.A. We are not other cities. We are Seattle!!!

    As for low-income housing? Who is paying taxes? Sequester/austerity??? Frack You All.

    Are those toxic-loan banks we bailed -out still open downtown? Nothing is blocking those views. The banks that got the homes? The homes even on the Eastside where their stuff doesn't stink?

    Next, they will want to block-out the Fremont Troll.

  • rashelle

    i think all of seattles citisons should be able to vote on if thos new building go up or not becaues peolpe are going to loes thiere views and that is not ok shame on thoes people that want to put thos buildings up they have no hart to think of other peoples feelings.

  • Susan

    What makes Lake Union so special to all is that it's been an open space with views around and not boxed in like other cities. The City Council and our mayor continue to make changes that take away rather than enhance the vibrancy of Seattle. Let's get the builders out of the pockets and start thinking long term of what we want in Seattle. We certainly don't want to look like every other city where the buildings create wind tunnels and there is no view.