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Author of ‘Runaway Guide’ responds to media coverage of his website

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
leif runaway guide

Courtesy of “The Runaway Guide”

On Monday, Leif, the author behind the website “The Runaway Guide,” responded on his blog with the following post:

You guys aren’t going to believe this but I’ve made Fox News! And of course their story is as ill-informed and ill-researched as all of their news stories.

Here’s what I have to say to Fox and the hundreds who have messaged me

I’m very sorry about this situation but I will not be held responsible for it. However, I will do my best to help, not out of guilt but out of compassion. In fact, I have already tried to make contact with him.

My site and fb page is first and foremost a travel adventure blog. It is a place where I chronicle my travels. It is not a place where “kids meet adults” as claimed by fox news.

The title refers to figuratively running away. Most people understand this. However, since I was once a runaway and it is an integral part of my life and story, I can’t leave this part out.

Most of my readers are backpackers and people who aspire to travel.

Yes my site glorifies travel, but it does not glorify literally running away for teens. It is a point I am quite clear about throughout my site.

For the complete post by Leif, go here.

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  • RB2007

    well fox news.. you are truly ignorant for attacking a person such as leif without really reading through his stuff.. he puts all information out there on his blog – all the glamour AND the dangers of what he's doing so it's not like he's convincing people to go runaway into the world being ignorant, he's telling people what he has done (which is a lot in my opinion) and letting people decide what to do with that information.. and those parents are more so stupid by using him as a scapegoat for what happened to him – maybe their child running away is a chance for those parents to re evaluate their lives and start taking responsibility for their own actions.. instead of focusing their energy towards leif., they should focus their energy towards fixing what's wrong with them

  • Matt

    Eh I say we tear down asinine Facebook entries. Find this guy and convict him as an assesory to kidnapping. Pretty easy. He is showing the glamour And now trying to get the world to release Jim of the responsibility that he has in a minor leaving home like Jon. He is as mich at fault as the guys who picked the kid up. Kids of this age are trying to justify stupid and this “lief” is just doing that and leading it. He is the reason society is declining in the whole world.

  • Anonymous

    THIS IS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. It is a travel blog. He uses the word runaway but everyone knows that it's not intended for that purpose. It's mostly for backpackers around the world, which most late teens to early adults do in there life. It's fantastic to have a site to tell you where to sleep and interesting places to visit on your travels. THIS IS BY FAR THE MOST ABSURD STORY.

    Also, he is NOT still on the run. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara for world and global studies, then went onto the prestigious United Nations University in Tokyo to pursue his masters degree. He is a brilliant writer with a desire to see the world and share his adventures. How dare you broadcast ill informed information. Stop blaming other people. This young boy had to come up with the idea to runaway on his own to then type " running away" into google to find this website. And there is NO WAY he met older men off of this site. ABSOLUTELY NO WAY. That is just a lie.

    Research more before you publicize a story like this.