One of Everett’s arrested bikini baristas is 16

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

baristaEVERETT — One of three baristas arrested for allegedly exposing themselves to customers for tips at Grab-N-Go coffee stands in Everett is 16 years old, police said Thursday.

“There was an exchange of money but there wasn’t any exchange of product or goods as far as coffee goes,” Everett police officer Aaron Snell said.  “It’s always a concern when there are minors involved in different types of crime, especially in a crime that’s similar or like this.”

Police said detectives began a two-month investigation at two Grab-N-Go locations on Broadway Avenue and SW Everett Mall Way after several people called and complained about what they had witnessed. Police arrested three baristas on Wednesday.

Bill Wheeler, the owner of the two coffee shops, said Thursday he is being harassed by the police.

“This is kind of weird, going out of your way, doing a sting operation, spending mine and your (tax) money and everyone else’s money trying to sweet talk the ladies,” Wheeler said.

Four years ago, angry residents voiced concerns at an Everett City Council meeting regarding Wheeler’s coffee stands. He said lewd acts are not on the menu. His is like any other legitimate business

“They (employees have) got to watch how they dress, the way they act, how they treat people,” Wheeler said.

Police say they have evidence that some baristas violated Everett’s Adult Cabaret law, and future arrests are possible.

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  • david

    Of course they had to go there for two months and witness the activity tens of times before they made any arrests I mean why wouldn't they… When is someone going to investigate the police for looking at the equivalent of child porn since one girl was 16?

  • Alyssa Montgomery

    I used to work for his partners stand (hava java) and that owner is scum whenever girls do shows or "extra services" the owners tell them to put %50 of whatever was given by the customer to them they are gross perverted dudes james and billy. at hava java the manager was 17 years old! not uncommon at their stands the owner of hava java was in a relationship with a 16 year old girl that worked at his stand! I am not kidding these owners and their employees are disgusting theyll do anything for that extra dollar


    A simple solution would be to open a topless or fully nude bar in the area, so all the horny guys can go there instead of to the 'coffee' stands. Problem solved!!!

  • callmecrazy

    This guy is creepy. If he has proof that the girls are innocent, then he videos them. Well if one of the girls involved is only 16 then this perv is in possession of child pornography and should be charged. If these kinds of stands have to have adult business licenses shouldn't the employees have to be over 18 and shouldn't the customers have to be also. The windows should be blacked out and it should be required that they post they are a partially nude establishment and can't serve anyone under 18. Put this stuff back in the strip clubs, behind closed doors with no windows and someone checking ID. If his coffee was good then he wouldn't need to stoop so low as to promote young women to degrade themselves. Our society needs to demand higher standards!!!!

  • lastcall

    They are not wearing bikinis!!!! If they were it wouldn't be such a problem. That alone is false advertising. Buy better beans and learn to make good coffee and you could make more money with fully clothed girls with pretty smiles and not attract the wrong kind of people. Legit coffee stands don't have pervs coming in harrassing the girls. They sell coffee and serve it with a smile and clothes.

  • Wow

    The entire idea of these shops is sad, an even worse is the state actually aloud them to be started. 16yr old, where's her parents, an why aren't they in trouble. No morals or self respect. An to the owners, really, just like all the sick f&@$s that drive thru. You boys are sad. Quite very

  • Mike

    Why are they classified bikini stands when they don't wear bikinis? I have no problem with actual beach wear but since when does a bra and butt floss pass as a bikini? Lingere and under clothes were never designed to be worn in public. The state should ban these stands, it is not about freedom of expression but about decency. A bikini stand should require employees to wear beach wear and nothing less. Owners of these stands should be ashamed of themselves as they are promoting the degradation of our society. This is not ok!! The citizens of these cities and counties should scream until they are gone…they need to promote safe and healthy enviornments to raise their families and to live. These places promote a lower expectation of life and that is what is happening to our society, as long as we expect less we will get less. These people have a right to earn money but we as a society have a right to limit what is unacceptable. This is totally unacceptable! Minors should not be allowed to be employed there and minors should not have to be exposed to this or allowed to patronize them as customers. We all need to protect our young.

    • John's mom

      "We all need to protect our young."

      From what, boobies? Give me a break. We need to protect our young from puritanical tyrants like you, who equate skin/nudity with sex; and equate sex with sin.

  • LOLatYOU

    Two month investigation? Vice cops are nothing but snitches and wimps. I hope their wives cheat on them and their daughters become whores.

  • Kaylee

    I am a Bikini Barista at a different company, and not all are like this trashy joint. My company has standards and rules for outfit coverage, etc. The girls I work with are always friendly and CLASSY. It's sad that this place and some others like it give us all a bad name. Everything in my work wardrobe covers at least as much as a regular bikini, and that could be said for many of my co-worker. Places like this one should really just shut down and send their girls to the strip joint, and leave the coffee making to the classy girls.

  • Sara

    I want to know what taxes he pays since the girls all work there for tips only, then he gets 1/2 the money from what they get for the "shows". Seems like he is violating a lot of laws, try tax evasion on city, state and federl levels just for the employment taxes alone, also I bet he doesn't claim all his income on his income tax either because I bet the girls were told not to ring up the "show" money. They should nail this guy to the wall publiclly and make an example. Tax evaders drain the rest of society and all income producing criminals are tax evaders. Don't forget a 16 year old minor was used here also!!! SCUMMBAG!