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Report: 5th graders carried gun, knife to ‘do in’ 11-year-old girl

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

handgunSPOKANE — In one of the most startling cases of intended violence against a classmate in recent memory, the Spokesman-Review reported that two fifth graders snuck a gun and a knife in to school as part of a plot to kill a fellow classmate last week.

According to the Spokesman-Review, a 10 and 11-year-old boy remained in police custody Thursday, days after their alleged plot to kill a 10-year-old female classmate at Fort Colville Elementary School was discovered. The boys face charges of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, tampering with a witness and conspiracy to possess a firearm.

The boys were arrested Feb. 7 at their elementary school. After they were arrested, they were reportedly overheard saying ‘”I don’t care when I get out of jail, I’m going to come back and kill them,” the Spokesman reported.

The boys’ alleged plot was discovered when a school staff member found a .45-caliber pistol, a full ammunition clip and a knife in one of their backpacks after being tipped off  by another student. Staff members asked the 10-year-old boy why he had the gun. The boy reportedly told staff he was going to “get” an 11-year-old classmate who had been mean to them and “do her in.” The Spokesman reported the two planned to stab the girl with a knife and then keep everyone else a bay with the gun.

The boys admitted to the teacher that there were other students they wanted to kill. They also allegedly admitted to the teacher they were going to kill the girl on the day the weapons were found.

After their plot was discovered, police came to the school and arrested the two. According to court documents, a police detective overheard one of the boys saying he would “find out” who told the teacher “and kill them.”

Under Washington law, children under the age of 12 are deemed not to have the mental capacity to plan a crime. However, the Stevens County Prosecutor’s Office told the Spokesman they believe there is enough evidence to prosecute.

Parents and community members were told of the incident within four hours of the arrests. A meeting was held at the Colville High School auditorium Wendesday to discuss the situation.

One of the boys allegedly obtained the gun from his brother, who had it in a locked case under his bed.

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  • Mr Holmes

    where is a such a young man learning to talk that way? Im thinkin a parent or parents or someone they look up to. No young child should be talking or thinking that way. Gotta be Bay Bay's kids… I am very gald the cops didnt shoot them.

  • Mike Nukem

    It's a Magazine that was loaded with ammunition not a full ammunition clip as there is no such nomenclature. And yes if these kids can plan something like this at a young age they should be prosecuted, lord knows what they'd be capable of planning or doing if they were older.

    • ron

      You are being too finicky. I have 2 semi auto's and I use the latter term all the time. Being picky about something like that is like saying its incorrect to say I am going to gas up the car. It should be I am going to fill the gas tank with gasoline. Also How many times have people referred to magazines (the kind you read) as mags? Or referred to cars as "wheels" or "my ride"? Come on ……..
      As for the kids they knew what they were doing but since they were minors who knows what is going to happen. if there is a gun in the house and a kid knows where it is he will get it .

    • Vietvet1968

      Do not nit pick a word that you have no idea about. I have clips for an AR-15, AK-47, 1911A1 45 semi-auto and a 9mm Beretta. So stop with the BS. I do not care that they are 10 or 11. They did not get smart mouths from watching to much TV. I have a 10 year old who was threatened by a 12 yo and when I confronted the parents I got boys will be boys. NO WAY! I called the police and had him arrested!!!!

    • Calina

      The law applies to every citizen of the US, and that should especially apply to the rules involving all children. Imagine what they would do in the future if they never learned how the law works? They deserve a punishment thats age appropriate, not something that sounds like another wayward adult act that adults wouldn't want done onto them, the fact of the matter is that they didn't carry the act out, probably because of their age.

      • Kitty

        They "didn't" carry the act out because they got BUSTED! Age appropiate? DEATH KNOWS NOT AGE! If you are Shot or Stabbed at ANY AGE…DEATH WILL TAKE YOU! One does not know what they are doing up to AGE 5 in a matter of speaking, but watch a child getting into something he already knows he should not….he/she looks around to see if they will get caught. THEY KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BEFORE THEY EVEN START SCHOOL!!!

  • Block Watcher

    They learn to talk from movies, games and TV shows. Do they have " mental capacity " to understand right from wrong? I think they do and should be punished severely –make it hurt. Take the gun from the idiot brother.

    • biggyfries

      You know nothing of the brother. If he committed a crime, then punish him. He was not obviouly committing any crime–the kid who stole the gun was committing a crime.

      • Barry

        Agreed. He had the gun locked up. In hind-sight he should have hidden the key, but maybe he did. If his brother wanted it bad enough he'd find it.

    • Diana Harding

      Block Watcher: Yes I agree they learn to talk from the "movies, game shows and TV shows" BUT – they also learn it from their families and friends – older friends- imagine! I am a high school teacher – 15-16 year olds. When we see the parents of some of our students we understand our students. Some parents have to be escorted by the police on campus! Imagine why! They are sex offenders. We wonder why the USA is coming in so low in education compared to the European countries. My students with solid family support that prioritizes education are my best students. My best students suffer in class due to the expenditure of time on the misbehaviors of the lower levels that are not interested in their education.
      It 'tis a battle, indeed.

      • anonymous

        I applaud your career choice. I’d guess that teaching within a charter school, might provide a teaching climate where you’d have a greater number of students who are at school to obtain an education versus compulsory attendance.

  • Marc M

    Because of the kids' intention to go after the intended victims after their release from any type of legal custody, it's my feeling the offending kids should be kept from the general population till their death; those kids are not only screwed up in the brain, but were blatantly planning another attempt at killing as soon as they were released from whatever confinement facility they were sent to. I honestly hope there is a state provision for kids like this to be sent on to the death row once they reach their 18th birthday.

    The poor girl and others who may be at risk from these psychopaths will forever be waiting for the next assault either from those two or people they'd get to do their work; what kind of a life can they possibly have from this day forward? Understandably, they would need the constant professional protection until those two boys die.

    • Sara Pryor

      I agree 100%. Apparently, these young men are "bad seeds" and I primarily blame not only them, but their parents, mothers and fathers who fasiled to teach their kids right from wrong(further evidenced by the older brother who left a gun available for them). They can fry every one of them before they take the innocent life of another human and ruin another family. My congrats to the teacher for foiling this heinous plan.

      • Apple

        Lets not forget to mention the girl that was mean to them. Perhaps she has always been the instigator of just being a plain BULLY and the boys had enough and snapped. Does not excuse their intentions but the BULLY need to take some responsibility as well.

    • Calina

      This is the attitude of negativity and hatred against youth's that can be viewed as vile acts of writing that adults should know better than to continue to spread, I believe that adults of today are bad influences who write too much negative commentary. America is too violent as it is already. There is way too much talk about death and people are acting like bad influences in the eyes of our youth here. It's time for people to act straight so the next generation can be better than what we have collectively caused in our own country.

    • Olamina

      Marc, one of the few that sees this for what it is. These kids are sociopaths. I have 4 kids, the oldest is 11. She has the capacity to know right from wrong and knows the value of a human life. These two boys have NO MORAL COMPASS. It scares me to think they will be set out into the world again. They will most likely kill again and that can be on thof the judges. They should be locked up forever. They had no remorse and said they are going to do it/try it again when they get out. We need to stop treating monsters like these like victims.

  • Matt

    I agree. Take the gun away from the idiot brother. Locked Case my furry butt.

    I think that at that age they understand right and wrong but in society that we have now, no one has taught them right from wrong. The parents are as much to blame as the kid.

    My question is if this is yet another case of bullying and the bullied trying to fight back.

    • mattie

      this the case the other kids bulled these boys and they came back for reveange them self.but it was the wrong way to go about it.what they should have done was talk to the teacher or some one eles.if you punish these boys than what will happen to the ones who stared all of this? i say get them all,the ones who did what ever they did to them to make them bring the gun and knif to school.bulling is a crime and it should be taken sincere.i hope that all will be taken care for all.

  • Rachael

    Watch this turn into a reason for politicians to cry for more gun control. All because some kid is a little psychopath. And if they can premeditate a murder like an adult, they can be charged like one. =

    • SalemWitch

      Your darn tootin' it should be brought up by the politicians for stronger gun control..what if these kids actually killed students??? You gun nuts really don't care that innocent children are sacrificed on the altar of the gun lovers so they can have their killing toys!! And there WILL be more gun control because SANE parents who love their children more than a killing instrument will make it happen..this country WILL be dragged into the 21st century regardless of the neanderthals!

      • Moron!

        You are a moron and you need to get your ass back into the kitchen and shut your mouth! Please reread the article and notice that the boys were planning on stabbing the girl and keeping people at bay with the gun no shoot her! So let me guess… Ban knives as well!? Guns are not the problem in this country it is the LACK OF KNOWLEDGE that many gun owners or their children have… If you ban guns then people will find other ways to kill and then people like you will be crying to ban whatever it is they use! I have 3 children and I love them more then myself and I have many many guns in my house to protect my family!

        • Steven

          The one thing I can tell you is you shouldnt be worried about the gov taking your guns, it will never happen and it never will, to many pockets in washiongton get greased by that big wheel, what you should be worried about it the gov taking away your voting rights, they ARE doing that now. Pretty soon it will be just rich white men that vote and then where will you be!! Thats phase two not gun control for you conspiracy nuts.

      • chris

        Look I don't worship dead babies.
        Its the parents job to be responsible with their guns.

        My best friends just got a new gun, and I'm right their as a responsible gun owner making sure he plans on keeping it locked up. He's a responsible parent, who already had the gun locked, and cabled. Don't know why you say we are the ones killing children.

        Maybe you should be more concerned with the new precedent that every US citizen is a terrorist and all terrorists can be shot or drone killed without a fair and just trial.

    • Please shut up!

      I blame idiot parents like you who blame their own misparenting to TV and Video Games… I grew up playing the goriest of gore video games and watched whatever the hell I wanted on TV but guess what? My parents also took the time to be my parent and not my friend and they instilled values which I hold even now.

      • Steve

        I agree, my son and I when he was growing up watched and played all kinds of games and watched all kinds of tv but I would tell him that these thing arent real, they are just made up for tv, he once tried to say he could jump over a speeding car like "Mario" but I told him no thats just pretend in the game, people cant do that. And today he is an mp in the army so yeah I am sry but video and tv are NOT to blame.

    • Connie


    • guest

      Not all parents are to blame. I agree with the TV, Videos, Music, etc. What the hell ever happened to sensorship?????
      The fact that a parent has no rights to punish the kids with out being sued or arrested, there's most of the problem.

    • guest

      I'm going to have to blame Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny! Remember Daffy shooting his own face off when he tried to kill Bugs with a shotgun! It's a violent world out there in cartoon land!

    • Guest

      The brother didn't give him the gun. The kid obviously knew the code to unlock the case. Negligence, perhaps, on the older brothers part, but not a conspirator.

      • andie1219

        If you are a gun owner, YOU are resposible for that gun period. If your little brother takes it, tough… the law is the law….. gross negligence…

        • Mort

          I have to disagree with that. If someone takes a knife from your kitchen and stabs someone, are you responsible? No. The gun was properly secured in a locked case. The kid in this case also committed the crime of burglary by stealing the gun. EVEN if he had the key or code to the lock, he did not have permission to take it. The gun owner is not responsible.

    • GardensButterfly

      He didnt give the boy a gun, the boy took the gun from a locked box. It doesnt matter either way…if someone wants to do wrong , they are going to do it!

  • Ken

    It is too bad those boys cannot be charged as adults. The fact that someone so young can plan something so horrible is beyond my comprehension.



    • Guest

      It was a LOCKED case. Who knows how the younger brother found out the combination. If it was a safe behind the wall, the younger brother could just have easily opened it if he knew the combination.

    • italbear

      Posting comments IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS does not improve your odds of communicating your point effectively, but learning how to spell and to construct an intelligible sentence definitely would.

    • Mtnman

      So you are saying that the gun was only to be used to enable but not execute. How would you square that if, say, one or more of the other kids became frightened of what was going on and decided to run. I imagine your thought was that a 10 or 11 year old with a gun would have the forthought not to shoot! Get real and start thinking straight.

  • Anna

    This kids think like Hitler or a other God-less murderer would think in a plot to kill.
    Parents, teach your kids an act of love, patience and forgivness. Don't teach them the opposite.

    • Ann

      There are so many parents out there who don't know the meaning of patience, love and forgiveness. Look carefully at the news and the role models and you will hear all about the selfishness of our adult population. How in the world the boy got out of the house w/out his parents knowing, even the brother. Parents need to be more "nosy"? Parents want to be friends, not parents. Checking, asking, are things one does if they care about the welfare of their child. If it is a bully situation, I guess the parents, even the brother are so full of themselves they haven't been talking to the kid. Families leave parenting up to the schools way too much. Education is for teaching academics so a kid can earn a living in the future and maybe even some manners, etc, but it is not the school's job to be the kid's parent or even the kid's brother.

  • AinsleighAmell

    It is unbelivable to me that children that young (10 and 11 yrs old) could possibly have access to weapons and ammunition etc or even the desire to plot plan and attempt to carry out such atrocities!! I am glad that something was done to intervene and no one was hurt – I hope that the parents are charged with something and that these 2 boys have some serious unrelenting consequences as they obviously have no remorse or regret and no sign of their plot being foiled – sad days ahead when our youth must be on high alert when going to school to gain an education!! I have an 8 yr old daughter and a 21 month old son and I AM TRULY beginning to put serious thought into homeschooling my children – it is awful that school is no longer safe for our children – what the hell is America coming too?!?!?!

  • andie Leary

    The gun was to inflict emotional torture on the other classmates (keeping them at bay) while the other stabbed the female student with the knife. These boys hopefully will be rightfully charged (along with the older brother who owned the gun) of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, tampering with a witness and conspiracy to possess a firearm. Are there no charges pending about the knife found? How did this kid get into the gun case? Parenting, violent tv and games and little or no access to mental health all contribute. We as a society cannot blame a single mother for not watching her child 24/7…. we need facts and all of them, before judging others.

  • joanne624

    I feel we need to start charging the parents for what the children are doing then maybe the parents will stand up and be parents. Alot of times its the parents who are the trouble makers. Lets start there. Parents need to be in charge and talk to their children as to whats going on in school. They need to have thier asses spanked. Not abuse but stand up to the children. I was always following up on what was going on in school with my kids, and I worked 40 hours a week. If you talk to them they will tell you. When my child told me something was going on in school. I took off from work and went to the school and put an end to what was going on and I had to once press charges against a school kid for not leaving my child alone. Let me tell you the parents never went up against me. They knew if my child did something wrong they got what was coming to them. And it only took one time. I even had the police let my son sit in the back of a police car for a while. And all he did was get on top of the school. He knew he did something wrong. He is now a sgt.

    • andie1219

      There are some kids who no matter what you say to them, are going to do what they want, when they want. No great parenting skills will deter them from bullying or getting back at another student. I too went through the bullying with my child…. i had was late for work several times and had to get out of work early so I could speak to the principal, guidance counselor (who still thinks my daughter and her bully are best friends – they’ve never been friends), assistant principal and the school resource officers. It took the better part of 2 months before the girl backed down…. i told the resource officer and the principal that if the bullying did not stop, the child was going to have charges brought against her and a lawsuit against the school. And this bully student is a “princess” in her mom’s eyes and can do no wrong. She bullied too many students over the years and now has very few friends… in this case, I definitely blamed parenting.

    • Denny

      How do parents know their child is engaging in an activity that violates the law and endangers the safety of another person. Parents will say that their child would never do such a thing, even after the
      child was caught in the act. The difficulty is that the parents really believe their child to be innocent, because they just don't simply communicate with the child. Parents are usually more surprised than the teachers who see them every day. Don't kid yourself; children learn right and wrong from movies, TV and conversations with their friends. The problem is that they don't correlate what they do or plan to do with right and wrong. Some of the bad choice is due to immaturity and they want to show their peers that they are capable and tough enough to do violence. It sounds like the one boy
      is already hardened and may be in real need of psychiatric help. The source of the gun needs to be investigated and whether the brother had knowledge that the gun was taken. The bottom line is that
      we just can't always know who to blame and we need to thank luck because a catastrophe was avoided. Now we need to determine if these two children can be corrected and what appropriate
      follow-up is required. Let's not forget the girl who was targeted. She will probably need some
      help too. Parents, other school children, teachers and police will learn from this action. Lets hope
      that that knowledge is available to avoid any similar problems.

  • Charles

    Charge the parents and beat his butt. What happened to that scared straight program they had back in the 90s? You got a gun, get a gun safe. Stupid stupid parents!

  • derek

    what drove them to the point to want to kill that little girl is my question and why after being caught they are still focusing on killing the snitch even after they get out…

    • andie1219

      they may have “liked” her and she didn’t like them…. that age group is very sensitive. Rejection is harsh and not taken lightly…. the fact that one of the boys is intending on killing the person who snitched on him after he gets out, is disturbing….

      • Mort

        That's not disturbing, it's an understandable reaction. What should they have done? Thanked the rat? I'm not saying it's right, I'm saying it's human nature.

        • Gary

          If the kid who most likely saved this girl's life is being called a "snitch" by other supposed adults, then it is no wonder we have this type of behavior. Reporting the intended crime is being treated by some people as if it were as bad the crime itself. Amazing.

        • Tami

          we are all in some serious trouble when we think threatening to kill "a snitch" at the ripe old age of 10 and 11 is an "understandable reaction".

  • Big Timer

    I wonder if she was being that mean to them why didn't they just beat the girl up. Pull her hair, push her down on the playground, blow spitballs at her, hell even hit her with a brick or something but killing her..damn. That's some extreme stuff for a little kid. But then again every 5 seconds the media is blasting stories about little kids shooting up something or being shot so it's no wonder where he got the idea from.

  • Pam Myers

    OMG!!! I think Washington needs to change their laws!! If a child carries a loaded gun and knife into a school with the intent of harming numerous students, I think they should be charged as adults!!! When are the Courts going to catch up to today's time? Granted, kids nowadays do not have the fear of anything like kids growing up in the 60's and 70's, Parents need to wake up and take their parenting rights back and learn how to say "NO" more often.

    • andie1219

      more violence is NOT the answer… these boys need psychiatric help and to be removed from the general school population. Looks like there are emotional issues going on that they do not know how to handle in a normal manner


    I am pleased to see, from the comments I have read, that none of the commentary jumped on the band wagon about stricter gun control laws. When this comes to trial, I want to see the defense attorney call the little girl to the stand and have her explain what caused these little boys to want to commit such a heinous crime. I agree with the individuals who are saying hold the parents as responsible as the children. If they were to vandalize something the parents would be held financially responsible right? So then it is the same situation just a different MO. I see one of the issues in this country is that we as adults can not make rational decisions any more. We leave everything to the law. Ever see what the statue of the law is? A blind folded human standing with a of scale. How do they even know what is on the scale. Let's get our head out of our pervbial rectum and take off the blind fold. BTW did you notice how they were not going to use the gun to end the little girl but the knife. Even if the stupid brother would not have been part of the equation, they had a weapon to carry out the task. It could have been anything. A pencil? A sharpened stick maybe? Parents CONTROL YOUR OFFSPRING!
    I will now climb down off my soap box and go back to fixing my garbage disposal. Thank You for reading.

    • Nancy

      I'm jumping on that bandwagon. If everybody and his brother weren't running around with guns, there'd be about 20,000 more Americans every year. It's embarrassing that we are the most violent country in the western world. Other countries think we're savages.
      There's no reason for us to have all these guns, assault weapons in particular. Guns don't deter others from committing crimes against us, they cause others to commit crimes because killing with a gun is so impersonal. You can do it from 20 feet or more. Kids think it makes them tough to have a gun. Kids under the age of 16 don't have well enough developed brains to handle a car sensibly, let alone a gun.

    • Marilyn

      Leave the little girl out of this….. why should she 'explain what caused these little boys to want to commit such a heinous crime"? Let them explain their own behavior. (Outside of bullying) Don't put the alleged victim on trial here.

    • StineB

      She is blindfolded to administer equal justice for all, not seeing gender, race, social status etc. and weighs the facts of the case against the defense presented. That is the ideal, no politics or money interfering, that's why, and what we should aspire to not get rid of.

    • Christina Chiappetta

      The little girl should not have to explain anything.She is probably traumatized enough.She may not have done anything to them. People need to stop blaming the victim. I was bullied a lot as a kid and I never thought of killing anyone!

  • Michael

    As a parent I will pray for the souls of these young sons. I learned a long time ago as a youth that right from wrong is in your soul. Hopefully these children will get all the help that is needed after all we can help save souls and I think God would be pleased if we gave it a try. Also thank God no one was hurt great job by a teacher to have trust from a student to dissolve a nightmare from happening . Thank God for that. Please pray for all the children we need them.

  • guest

    if they want to act like adults, then treat them like adults. theyll be out by 21 if not. i personally felt no different at 21 than 11

  • geeqizpeep

    We shouldn't be surprised, but I'm glad many of us are indeed Shocked. I hope the Shock doesn't wear off. This is out of hand. These two boys thought this out.

    How did they get the idea that it is OK to murder someone just because someone "dissed" them or whatever? Parents? Siblings? TV? Movies? All of the above in many situations?

    If they didn't learn such behavior from their families, well…? I feel for the parents who now have to deal with their very young boys being arrested for potentially murdering another very young child.

    If the boys DID learn such behavior at home, then Parents ought to be held accountable as well. This total lack of consideration for other lives is NOT ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR, and none of us should be condoning it. Even if it's "just" verbal "dissing" such language encourages disrespect for everyone else. Produces hatred and violence too many times to count.

    • Ola

      I am sorry but there are many many people who have less than ideal parents who DON"T kill others. My biological father was a drug dealer and my mother an alcoholic. I was pretty much ignored all through my formative years. But I didn't kill people when I was 11. If anything being raised in such an awful way made me want to escape that way of life. I have been married for 12 years to a man who became a doctor, I have a degree as well, and we have 4 beautiful children with one on the way that I am raising in a loving, nurturing home, unlike the one I had. Maybe they had horrible parents but they are sociopaths as well. A case most likely of damaged good kids that were going to turn out bad no matter what and probably having bad parents did not help. You can't put this all on the parents.

  • daretodiscipline

    Yes, 5th graders are people too. If they can come up with such a horrific crime, they need to serve the time. Does it really matter what the girl did? To be slaughtered while they hold a gun to the students all around? To what have them shoot others.
    There is no reason for this. They are very hateful. Thank the lord, they were stopped.

  • andie1219

    The other students are truly blessed that this was not carried out… there are too many “what ifs” in this story and I would like to see the brighter side! The children and their teachers are all safe and sound and let’s let the judicial system take if from here.

  • don

    A person can be a great parent and their kid be a total mean little jerk.Some kids are just mean..i am sure these kids knew it was wrong to kill someone . Society makes excuses for children blaming everyone else for child behavior.many children know the law regarding them better than the police do.

  • Guest

    I wonder what would have happened had this plot been carried out. As the girl was being stabbed by one of the boys, the other boy was supposed to keep the teacher and the other children at bay??? Supposing the teacher tried to intervene, which probably would have been the case? I cringe to think about the chaos which would have ensued. The boy, who probably wasn't an expert (I hope) at shooting, would no doubt have panicked and shot wildly, with results that might have included injuries or even deaths. I know: what if, what if. YES, the parents are to blame

    • Anonymous

      How would you know that? Mass Shooters are reported in the media, almost without exception, to be Caucasian, suburban, middle-class, males.

      So, now I’m curious as to their ethnicity as well.

  • Guest

    prev. comment continued: so is violence in media;so is the brother; so is our culture.Would love to know how old the brother is! YES the gun-toting population is going to scream when people demand AGAIN that there be more gun control. Too bad.This girl almost lost her life,& there is a distinct possibility that others might have lost theirs, too. So depressing. For all the people who are buying up guns & ammo to protect themselves because "they" are coming to GET them or because they believe marauding gangs will start tearing around murdering and pillaging, GET A GRIP. Is that why the brother hid a gun under his bed? Heaven help us!!

  • Willie

    World wake up. It didn't start with these two boys, and it's not going to end with them. Society itself allows all of this to happen. We live in a dacaent society with Satan in control. The word of God gives us the answer from the first two commandments "Love God and love your neighbor". Parents you must protect your children from the deranged society that we live in. Teach your children to love. I rather whip my children and face time in jail rather than allow them be taught by the society we live in. Please just try God, I guarentee that we would have more love in our heart than hate. May God have mercy on these two young boys and their parents.

  • kimikt

    Personally, I think it's time to stop blaming the NRA, and lets start making laws against the stupid violent games that should only be allowed for those who are preparing for real warfare. These games desensitize children to not have feelings for the fragile life of humanity. Common parents…step up and start training your children and interacting with them

  • greeneyes

    Kids see and hear so much these days. Video games, movies, tv. All they see is violence. If Obama wants to do some good take those games off the market for everyone even adults because kids will get hold of them from bigger kids and adults. Movies show such violence from rape to murder to mutalation. The kids plus the parents or brother should be punished for letting kids get hold of these weapons. Weapons can't harm anyone if someone is not using them.

  • patrick dowling

    more opportunity for obama and biden to spread more crap about gun control-maybe they can blame the movie industry,but that won't happen due to all of the support they receive from the movie actors and actresses-oh by the way, make sure there are more entitlements for all those that don't want to work for a living-parents are doing a great job of raising their kids-what a screwed up country

  • Mark

    I am saddened by this act. It is mainly the parents fault for not teaching these children better. I do not blame all parents. There are many wonderful parents that do an excellent job of raising their kids. I do think that there is a fault towards television, movies, games, and (yes) the internet to seeing acts of violence to easily. It is making this current generations more open to violence is more exceptable. However, this should be a call to parents to start putting a tougher foot down. I almost have to say that back in the day when I would get out of hand. I would get a belt to my butt from my father(whom I respect and love very much today). I would say there is a need for gun control but with respect to every individual and more training hours on responsibilties to owning and using a gun. Also, should have more detail pysch evaulation on every individual who buys or owns a gun. Life situations can change through person life to change a person's psychy. However, getting back to the kids. I will pray that God will bring peace and wisdom to these kids minds and hearts. I might be hated for saying that I will pray but I will do so glady, anyway.

  • cotton

    there's lots to blame here…parents, kids and TEACHERS! Parents, should teach their kids that they can push
    someone over the edge by bulling them to the point of wanting to kill them.

    whenever this happens the bully shouldn't get off scot free. the teachers knows who the school bullies are, if not, they should know. That's part of the job.

    Get Those Camera's up! Have someone watching those camers's. Not after the fact

  • GardensButterfly

    What horrible kids!! I hope that they get more than the full extent of the law and do some time. These kids are a danger when they are in trouble and they are still talking about killing even more people. DO NOT let these kids out…if you do, then I hope whoever is left sues the hell out of the police there. Those are animals, not children! Animals need to be caged.

  • stanley cornett

    No one is mentioning the knife just the gun. What if the kid had just had a knife in his backpack. That little girl would probably already be dead. Guns dont kill people kill and if they desire to they will find a way to do it.

  • joanne

    it all boils down to parenting why did the brother have a gun under his bed and why was there not a trigger lock on the gun. This is were it should all begin. If a child gets ahold of a gun and uses it then it should go back to the parent. No trigger lock parents are just as much at fault as the child. This is where the problem it. We need more safety. The key needs to be kept somewhere else

  • Cynthia

    People, don't you feel sorry for teachers. This is what they are working with everyday. Parents, please teach your children that bullying and bullies may receive punishments that they are not really wanting to face. But, when we have senators, supreme court judges, and talking heads showing no respect for humankind, guess what? This is what we get among our children also. Fruit not falling too far from the tree and its roots.

  • Heather Cook

    This is a terrible tragedy that is the result of bullying. Sadly kids can only handle so much abuse before they snap and in this case it sounds like thats what happened. Kids need to be taught from the cradle up thats not okay to bully others and if they do the consequences could be severe such as the person they are abusing retaliating with major violence. This isnt about gun control or politics this is about getting these two boys help who felt their only recourse was to kill others. everyone needs to be held responsible that means the boys,school, students involved in the bullying including the girl and the parents of all involved. In other words its time to stop pointing fingers and do something about bullying before we have another columbine in the news!

  • tonyuknowme

    yes the idiot brother should be charged with something! These kids are not right in the head..that's plain to see! yet another reason to get guns out of homes because people are not responisible enough with them. if someone utters the 2nd amendment one more time i swear i will go postal. that amendment gave the right to own a musket to protect against forgien invasion, savage indians and to hunt for dinner. I don't think the forefathers envisioned automatic weapons and weapons for liesure activities. and i also believe if we had a real army and police force,f.b.i c.i.a. etc. they never would have written that amendment! our world has changed….time to change the amendments too!
    an ak47 has no place in any society period!

  • Calina

    This is a direct result of children emulating adults, adults's should do more to be better influences for children, especially if they are on any kind of media, no matter the media, children see everything online(or they hear about it somehow). It's ridiculous that any person who is grown should believe that violence would solve this problem, there is too much hate involved in all of these young people's lives.