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Dorner may have been hiding in plain sight near command center

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
dorner sceneThough he lived only half a mile from the command center, deputies never knocked on the door of Jim Rose’s house looking for Christopher Dorner, Rose told The Times on Wednesday.

“One friend said, ‘OK, so much for the inspection,’ ” Rose, 78, said.

As it turned out, wanted murder suspect Christopher Dorner appears to have been hiding in plain sight, just a five-minute walk from where law enforcement officials from multiple agencies had centered their search operation for the ex-LAPD officer.


More than 200 officers were involved the first night. Sheriff’s department officials said the search included more than 600 cabins over eight square miles.

It apparently did not include Rose’s neighborhood, which it turns out, may have been where Dorner was hiding all along. The circumstance is reminiscent of the government’s search for Whitey Bulger, who was hiding under federal agents’ noses when he was captured.

“As far as I could tell, they did about as good as they could do,” said Otis Farry, whose home is on Club View Drive. “Who would’ve known?”

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    If he was hiding in plain site then so many could have been taken out. Sad they didn't search the area better.Glad more officers weren't lost at the hands of this idiot.

  • Mr Holmes

    Hmmm Officer Dorner stood up for a citizen whos rights were violated and was acussed of being a liar. and dealt with racizim from his coworkers. Have to say a man does not make this kind of statement over his own lie, a man makes this kind of statement when he has been highly violated, Not saying killing people is right, just sayin violating a man can lead to very serious concequences. We all know there is police corruption and if we keep pushing it under the rug all it will do is get worse. My heart goes out to the GOOD Officers and you know what you bad cops can do FO