Free flu shots at 4 King County clinics Saturday

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fluSEATTLE — The flu epidemic sweeping the country has many people racing to get their flu shot.

This weekend, King County is offering free vaccinations at several clinics for people without health insurance or who are unable to pay.

No other vaccinations will be offered at the time of the clinics.

Health officials believe the flu will continue to spread for many weeks, so getting a vaccination right now is still the best protection.

The flu vaccine is recommended for all people, 6 months or older. It is particularly important for pregnant woman and people with long-term health problems, like diabetes, asthma, and heart or lung issues.

The four free clinics this weekend are being held in several spots around King County.

A complete list is located below:

Columbia Public Health Center

4400 37th Ave. S.



Saturday, January 19, 10AM-2PM

Thursdays, 3PM-7PM through January

Eastgate Public Health Center

14350 SE Eastgate Way



Saturday, January 19, 10AM-2PM

Wednesdays, 3PM-7PM through January

Federal Way Public Health Center

33431 13th Place S.

Federal Way


Saturday, January 19, 10AM-2PM

Saturday, January 26, 10AM-2PM

North Public Health Center

10501 Meridian Ave. N.



Saturday, January 19, 10AM-2PM

Tuesdays, 3PM-7PM through January

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