Fan voting open for NFL Rookie of the Year

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


SEATTLE — NFL fans can vote for one of five player’s in the Pepsi MAX Rookie of the Year contest, announced Thursday.

Fan voting is open through 6 p.m. local time Tuesday, Jan. 29. The 2012 Pepsi MAX Rookie of the Year award will be announced in New Orleans at the NFL Honors Award show on Feb. 2.

The five players up for NFL’s Rookie of the Year are Washington Redskins’ Quarterback Robert Griffin III, Indianapolis Colts’ Quarterback Andrew Luck, Tampa Bay Buccaneers’  Runningback Doug Martin, Washington Redskins’ Runningback Alfred Morris and Seattle Seahawks’ Quarterback Russell Wilson.

Wilson, a third-round draft pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, has led the Seahawks with 3,118 yards passing and 26 touchdowns. He is the only rookie quarterback drafted in 2012 to lead his team to the NFL Divisional Playoffs.

To view more stats on the selected players or vote for your choice, click here.

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  • Robt.

    None of these other 4 guys have the amazing skills of Russell Wilson. He's the only one of these players still playing in the post-season after ending RG3 and Alfred Morris's 2012 season last Sunday. If Russell Wilson stays healthy he will prove to be one of the all time greats. Russell Wilson deserves Rookie of the Year more then any of these other candidates. GO SEAHAWKS!

  • Anthony

    Rg3 and Andrew luck were not able to lead their team to a win in the postseason. Russelwilson acomplished that, he also has agreat poise. Hands down the rookie of the year.

    • davenport

      The guy with the beard on the after game show should be replaced. He is so negative, we don't need a commentator like that. I will put the remoteon silencera ther than listen to him. I am sure there are others tht will do a better job.

  • LadiMonet

    @IH8CeeHAWKFANS ur a hater lol

    Russell has proven himself a lot this Season, Seattle would of never been
    known if we started Flynn.. and that the Truth.. Most NFL teams always have the all talked about
    QB and 2 good RB and thats it… ALL SEAHAWKS team members are all known (Especially Wilson) cause they all work together to get the job Done.. GO HAWKS RUSSELL WILSON THE BEST ROOKIE QB in the League..

  • TheGURU

    RG3 gets this sorry. First everyone wanted Luck and not RG3. The reason for Luck winning was 11 games. But RG3 and Wilson both led their clubs to the playoffs or Division Titles as well. Which knocked Luck out the box. For some reason no one still wants RG3, so now everyone is saying Wilson all because of a playoff win. ROTY is based on what happened in the REGULAR season and how that rookie helped their team. No one has done it like RG3. There was no D-fense for a majority of the season, the skins won 7 straight, and won their division. Not to mention the multiple NFL records RG3 broke and setting new team records. Haters gonna hate. RG3 wins this, and has already been named OROTY, and overal NFL Rookie of the year by NFL Pro Weekly, and PFWA. When that happens, that player usually gets it. Remember Playoffs and Regular season are 2 different things.

  • drew

    RG3 was the best this year, and will be the best for as many years as he is healthy. If you asked any of the 32 nfl coaches , which of the 3 QB's they wanted, i bet all but Carrol and Pagano would take RG3. All that being said health can always be an issue. But talent and performance say that RG3 is the better of the 3. Hands down.

  • gifoot

    OK RGIII done next year hes not coming back from that injury, wilson came to a team that was already 7-9 and had a running back and great d so hes out to luck came to a team with ok Defense no offense two wins by pure luck haha. Hes the clear cut winner, doug martin is good but his team didnt do anything. and as for alfred morris if the other team has all there line and lb chasing RGIII u should get some big yards easy. So luck is the winner If RGIII wins it will be great that roy of 12 wont play in 13

  • HingleMcCringleberry

    Wilson deserves it the most in my opinion, he threw the most tds by any rookie except for future hall of famer Manning and did it without any all star receivers or even a go-to guy in the redzone. Honestly though, all the rookies in the running are fantastic and deserve this honor with the things they've done this league has a bright future.

  • SeaHawks

    it's a NO brainer.. Russell Wilson HANDS DOW.N… He's the MAN … Now shut up about RG7 or whatever his name is and get on the bandwagon and roll with the BIg DAWGs you losers… SEahawksss baby

  • Jeremy

    I want Russell Wilson to get this hands down and to the other seahawk fans out there picking Russell Wilson your making a good choice because this whole season he beat 3 top QB's in the NFL like Tom Brady,Aaron Rodgers and Tony Romo. Go Hawks! and Russell Wilson.

  • Chris

    Anyone else having trouble voting? The NFL/Pepsi voting website comes up, but the place where you vote won't load for me. I want to vote for RUSSELL WILSON!!!

  • Nash

    I have to say either between Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck, or Alfred Morris. The reason why I take Andrew Luck over RG3 is because first of all there was no talent on the Colts before Andrew stepped in. Taking a 2-14 team, and turning it to a 11-5 team in one season is pretty impressive. The Redskins had a decent defence but a poor offence, but once you put a 1st rounder and a good running back in, you get a few more wins. Now Russell Wilson had talent all around him. That's why I'm "eh" with him. Sure he did tie Peyton Manning's rookie record, but again he already had talent. Now I like Alfred Morris because I felt like he did better than RG3. RG3 only got the rushing yards and touchdowns by options or scrambling out of the pocket. So either those three.

  • greeneyes123

    Russell Wilson is awesome!!! He's done more than RGIII and Andrew Luck put together. I don't care about those other two players!!! I don't even know them. If RGIII gets it, I will be upset!! Russell Wilson took us to the post season. GO HAWKS!!!