Teen posts ‘Drivin drunk…. classsic ;)’ to Facebook, is arrested

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Jacob Cox-BrownASTORIA, Ore. (KPTV) – An Oregon teenager’s post on Facebook landed him in jail on New Year’s Day.

Astoria police said they learned of the post Tuesday. The status update, made from someone posting to the account of 18-year-old Jacob Cox-Brown, said: “Drivin drunk…. classsic ;) but to whoever’s vehicle i hit i am sorry. :P”

After the post was made, an Astoria police officer received a private Facebook message from someone who tipped her off to Cox-Brown’s post.

That same officer had responded to a hit-and-run at 1884 5th Street at 1 a.m. on New Year’s Day. A white Scion had been sideswiped by the hit-and-run driver, and several pieces of taillight and bumper cover were recovered as evidence. A second parked car also sustained damage in the hit-and-run.

When police went to Cox-Brown’s home, they found a car that matched the damage at the hit-and-run crash scene, authorities said.

They arrested Cox-Brown and booked him into the Clatsop County Jail on two counts of failure to perform the duties of a driver.

Cox-Brown has 654 friends on Facebook. At least two of them called police to report the message.

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  • Tomas

    One wonders if people think of this guy as an idiot because he posted his status on Facebook, or, because he was driving drunk which resulted in property damage. Or, both.

    • Aaron

      It's pretty stupid he posted this on Facebook. What you don't want to expose to the public, you should never post on FB, or a public site, even like this one. He was dumb for doing that and obviously doesn't have friends that can keep their mouths shut. Maybe he needs to find NEW friends. My friends would have never squealed on me like that, although I wouldn't be dumb enough to post any criminal activity, if I ever did anything, on FB. It's an invasion of privacy and someone is gonna "Nark." If someone ends up making a criminal "mistake" such as this, they should keep it to themselves and if they get caught so be it, if not, lesson learned and they dodged a big bullet.

      • stephen

        Its sad to see that anyone would defend the criminal acts done by this boy. He has two friends that are also good people. I hope there are fewer people in the world that think it's ok to drink and drive then damage othere peoples property as long as they don't get caught, than i think there are.

      • Tracy

        Yep, and had that been a head on, to my little girl and I, as we drove through town that day……you're as immature and irresponsible as he is. That's coming from a person who doesn't trust the gov't an inch over my privacy rights. Grow up.

  • skagit valley reader

    Leave it to a teenager to be so dumb.
    Alteast he had two good friends that tipped off the police.
    He should be sentenced to do community service in a funeral home.

  • Jessie G.

    I don't care what happened, that's fucked up that someone can look up his posts of facebook and make an arrest based of that. Facebook is just like a government profiling webiste. It's bull crap It was stupid of him to post that but still facebook should be private and shouldn't be able to be used as evidence. Dumbasses

    • Joe

      Would you still say this if he killed someone you care about? Think about what you say before you say it just like him. In case you forgot Facebook is a SOCIAL MEDIA WEBSITE. That means whatever is posted it public knowledge and can be used in a court of law to pursue criminals. It is not a government profiling website. Stop whining about the police using Facebook to track down a dangerous criminal and possibly save lives.

    • Amy

      The arrest wasn't based on the Facebook post, it was based on the damage to his car. That being said, if he hadn't been dumb the cops may never have looked at his car and caught him.

  • Tracy

    Wow. I was driving home on that day, thru Astoria, with my little girl, after a family vacation. I even had to drive across town and the bridge more than once. Do some time, you little idiot, self centered jerk, and please, for God's sake, learn you lesson early. I forgive you.

  • Wash

    WAY CHEAPER than getting the DUI that he could have, he was probably trying to get attention from his other teenage friends, maybe a girl. Come on people, we have all done something stupid to that effect. Glad no one got hurt. I'm concerned about cops using Facebook while on shift however. We can't use it where I work. Just saying. Is that what all the cops are doing in their cars nowadays? I always see them playing with their phones, typing, talking, etc even though it is illegal for us civilians to use them while we are driving. Hmmm…