Tacoma police seek public’s help in finding boy charged with murder

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

stimpsonTACOMA — Tacoma police are asking for the public’s help in finding James “JJ” Stimson Jr., one of two 16-year-old boys charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of a Tacoma man on Nov. 18.

The victim, David Watson, was shot and killed by two suspects during an attempted robbery in the parking lot of a Chevron gas station at 56th and S. Lawrence Street in Tacoma.

He reportedly encountered the suspects while looking for his lost dog in the middle of the night. Stimson and Marcus R. Langford are being prosecuted as adults in the death.

Langford pleaded not guilty last week. His bail was set at $1 million.

Stimson is a black/white male, 16, 5-foot-6, about 140 pounds, with black hair and hazel eyes. Police said he is known to frequent the Salishan area of east Tacoma.

Stimson should be considered armed and dangerous, police said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers of Tacoma/Pierce County at 253-591-5959.

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    • jordyn

      He is 16 now that was 2 years ago i know him i saw him every other day at my brothers football practice he was a nice kid he stood up 4 me and i apriciate it i cant belive he did this he had a really hard life his dad died and his mom was in jail his whole life….soo yeah

  • Jim

    Absolutely pathetic & a complete waste. Parents need to start taking accountability for their children first off and second…what happened to curfews? It says this happened in the middle of the night. Mr. Watson was looking for his dog. Then these 2 good for nothing thugs kill him. For what??? The whole situation is just SAD. This is just down the street from me & I never heard anything about it but I know we dont want this crap in our neighborhood. Keep it in Salishan or wherever their kind "frequent" as the article states.

    • Lisa

      Wow…that's extremely rude. We don't want that crap in OUR neighborhood either!!! It doesn't belong in any neighborhood. I seriously can't believe you said that.

    • Amy

      you can't blame the parents for everything. When parents sleep, kids sneak out. The one who needs to be held accountable is the teen. You can ground a teen, but guess what? if they don't abide by it there is nothing a parent can do. A parent can't spank them, thats abuse, a parent can ground, they won't stay there, you want to blame someone? Blame Washington DC for taking parental rights away from parents.

      • Megs

        It is not abuse to spank your child. Maybe you should read up on the difference between discipline and abuse. Also, as someone who was once a "troubled teen," I can safely say that the parents did or are doing something wrong here. Kids that do things like this almost never come from happy homes. They come from broken homes where the parents are either never around or are, but are verbally/physically/sexually abusive. There's always an exception to the rule, but in general, if these kids had anything going for them, it wouldn't be so easy to convince them that this is how they need to get by.

        • John

          Megs hit this one spot on. It all comes from family life, and it is not abuse at all to spank your kids. I got spanked with not only my moms hand, but a wooden spoon as well which hurt, but I respect my mom and parents and grew up to be a really good man because of the effective discipline. But this needs to stop. Parents need to get actively involved, set curfews, spank the kids and just tell them- "Out of respect for me, please come home early.. or be nice to your sister, etc" and then the kid learns to love, forgive, and sees the goodness and happiness in the world. So, you have to both- lots of love and nuturing, but effective discipline which builds respect too.

    • Taia

      This is my boyfriend you're talking about, I'm sorry he's mad mistakes, but you don't know his life, so you damn sure can't judge him. Leave that to God.

  • AshamedGenerationXr

    its really a shame that the first knee jerk reaction is to call kids thugs or criminals when they have no before hand knowledge of the individual and have only read one publication of the incident or crime. Yes parents DO need to take more responsibility for their kids, just as the grandparents should have probably taken more responsibility for the parent's actions in their generation. The crime isn't initiated by just one generation. Its a sad reflection of our time. Tell yourself that having more crime dramas on television or more gun toting in video games doesn't desensitize a growing mind.
    The only way we are going to save ourselves from this type of situation is to stop whining and worrying about how our freedoms are being taken away and start enacting more blunt powerful gun legislation. It also wouldn't hurt to hold parents accountable for the actions of their kids and requiring both have counseling or face jail time when kids are retained by juvenile authorities for ANY crime. Instead of empowering people by allowing them to proclaim artist freedoms and the ability to write whatever they feel will get the attention of the public, make them show some sense of responsibility. Just because you have envisioned a really sick psychotic story does not mean Hollywood should pay you millions of dollars to produce it for all eyes to see.

  • Aaron

    Jim, this can happen ANYWHERE so keep those ridiculous comments to yourself. Salishan has families with young kids so for you to make that kind of comment must reflect the type of person you are. Plus, can we not stray away from the fact a man is dead? I hope they catch him and can bring his family the justice they need to close this chapter in this nightmare.

  • Karen

    I just came across the postings & have to say I agree with a little of each of them. I wont bash Jim as I can probably understand that was his first response to the story. I do understand the statement of parents taking more accountability for their children. I see it everyday as I have a teenager. Yes, I have been lucky but feel my parenting has more to do with it. I keep my child involved in activities in & out of school. He is not allowed at any "friends" homes that I dont know the parents or approve of the household. I try to keep him grounded & I teach him right from wrong & I have done that from day one. Unfortunately, not all parents do that. I see kids younger than my 13 year old out running the streets, going where they want with whom they want & doing what they want. They talk to people any way they feel like & they show a complete disrespect & disregard for others. So, that is why I say I can understand Jims statement.
    On the other hand, the other comments are correct that it does happen in every neighborhood & it SHOULDNT be happening at all.

    • Karen

      Amy, I have to disagree with you about not blaming the parents. You can't always blame them but you can hold them accountable as well as the child. I will do what I feel I need to do to discipline my child when need be. I wont be afraid to spank, there is a difference between abuse & discipline. My child wont sneak out since I have taught him that is unacceptable in my home & there would be harsh consequences for a choice like that.

      • Jim

        NO ONE will ever take away my parental rights & I WILL discipline my child if need be. I have an obligation as a parent to be the best parent I can be & to raise the best future adult I can. My child WILL show respect to all things & people and all I can do is hope that is enough. I just wish other parents would try half as hard because there are many that dont even make the effort & those are the ones I think citizens are frustrated at. The end result seems to always lead to something like this terrible story where a young person does something completely ignorant, irresponsible & disrespectful to another human being. This time that innocent person was killed. You cant fix that, take it back or say you are sorry. I believe it is time for harsher punishment from the very first time anyone gets in trouble for anything. It just might help stop it from progressing to a harder crime.
        Just my opinion as I feel such sorrow for the family of the deceased, David Watson.

        • John

          Jim, I couldn't agree more man. Also, parents need to teach kids other discipline and respect tactics such as "DON'T HURT or HIT people, share things with others, learn to talk things out and talk through problems." My parents use to do a "family session" where we would openly talk about things that were bothering us, and why rules were enforced, etc. It was the best thing for me. I learned to talk through problems, violence is NEVER okay, and I learned to forgive others, and find a more effective solution.

  • Joe

    SPARE THE ROD and stop being scared of CPS the law reads NO perm.marks (i.e. burses,broken skin,and/or broken bones) so I say if people spanked more and held thier childred to a higher standard then a 3 year old at 16 then things like this would not happen so no I dont blame the parents I blame the system that has made people affraid to discipline thier kids…..NOW no Im not say beat your kids Im saying a good stiff hand to the backside sometimes gets the brain in the right gear

  • jessica.brown

    I also somewhat agree with you all. I think in all these comments we have forgotten three people have lost their lives, and two of them are children. I have a hard time knowing these children will get out when their in their late 40’s they will only know prison life, have no education and maybe be worse in to gangs. What they did was awful, but they are still kids. I think before we talk about how they were raised ( no one really knows) we need to help them, save their lives. They are 16, not adults, boys. We lock up our youth like they are rabid dogs, when we could be helping out future. These are my neighborhood kids. I saw them everyday. Playing basketball at the park, buying candy from the store, out being kids. Not once did the thought cross my mind that they would be capable of this. A man lost his life, and we are throwing two away… I’m not sure who’s negligence is worse.

  • Sam

    What is wrong with all of you? His dad is dead and mom is far gone, he had a hard life! Does not justify what he did but, he still is a child! So lets wait till they find him and figure out what really happen, there is TWO kids involved so there is Two sides to the story!

  • Tacomamom

    His dad was killed 3 years ago & his mom is in & out of jail, as previously stated. I lived by Foss and I have met him and fed him while the kids were on spring break. He was respectful in my presence. Everyone needs to be accountable for their actions. Its sad that so many want to place blame without knowing all of the circumstances involved, be it their upbringing or if the gun went off when it was grabbed by Mr. Watson. Tell me you haven't pretended to hit someone just to make them flinch. Not saying these are the equivalent, but intent is relevant. In addition, Let he that is without sin cast the 1st stone. EXACTLY!!!
    Our society needs to invest more in programs that will hone the God given talents of our you & stop overly investing in self indulgence. These kids are our future and aren't gonna give a !@#$ about you when you're older if you don't properly invest into them early on. Why is it that so many American elderly are in nursing homes, yet 1st generation immigrants take care of their elderly the majority of the time?
    (No, I am not on welfare or section 8. Made 50k, paid 20k in taxes this year & my mortgage is $1200 & I have a car payment).

  • Candice

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  • Mari

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