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Same-sex marriage: License ceremonies set for 12:01 a.m. Thursday

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

licensesOLYMPIA — To mark the same-sex marriage law taking effect, the Thurston County Auditor’s Office will hold a random drawing to pick the names of the first 10 couples to be issued marriage license applications just after midnight on Thursday, Dec. 6.

Couples interested in submitting their names for the lottery should contact Heather Hirotaka at or at (360) 754-4661 to submit their names and a contact phone number by noon on Monday.  The drawing will be held at 1 p.m. on Monday, and the selected couples will be contacted by staff.  For more information, visit

In King County, the Recorder’s Office will be open at 12:01 a.m. on Thursday, Dec. 6, to begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

“As King County executive, I plan to be there at midnight to congratulate the happy couples and sign commemorative items with the governor’s pen — the same pen she used to sign the marriage equality bill earlier this year,” said Executive Dow Constantine.

Constantine will sign the first marriage licenses for a group of same-sex couples recommended by community leaders. Once the ceremony is complete, marriage licenses for all couples in line will be issued from a temporary annex that will be established down the hall from the Recorder’s Office, enabling the main office to continue serving customers with other business.

Before arriving at the Recorder’s Office, couples should download and complete a marriage license application from, and bring the completed form with them along with photo identification and the license fee of $64, payable by cash or check only.

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  • rosie

    How disgusting and sick. Just my opinion which I am allowed to have as an American citizen. Right now though I am extremely ashamed of my country and the political party currently in control. I did not vote for them and never will.

  • cman

    Rosie, I guess you should not go get a license and marry. Some of us are thankful that the majority of the WA state citizens are not as close minded as you. Maybe you should consider relocating to a state such as Texas where they want to leave the Union as I'm sure beliefs such as yours are in the majority there.

  • Srt

    In less than 30 minutes, all Christians in this state will have less rights than homosexuals and will be treated like second class citizens. Churches will now be forced to perform same-sex weddings under threat of lawsuits, removal of tax exemption status, severe fines and or jail.

  • SKrose

    I am so ashamed of my state and every single person who voted for the support and approval of perversion.

    Pandora's Box HAS been opened and more approval of other perversions will follow.

    This society is slowly sliding down the toilet. I sincerely hope no innocent moral people will be punished for societies approval of this sickness.

    All homosexuals and their supporters do need to remember that so called "TOLERANCE" goes both ways. Pushing approval of perversion in the faces of good moral people is evil and wrong.

  • SKrose

    CMAN :

    Tolerance definitely GOES BOTH WAYS with you, doesn't it?????????? I have the right to my opinion just the same way as any other person does (whether that other person is full of perversion or not).

    I will continue to support good morals. Obviously you and all others like you and those you support do not have to according to society. How sad. :(

    Have a great day. :)

  • John King

    The Supreme Court is hearing the Prop 8 case in a few months. Why? Becuase they are going to reverse the decision out of the Federal Appeals Court. This will outlaw gay marriage. And yes it is just time befor they start suing the churches and making them perform same sex weddings. They will run it through the court system and make sure they get their way.