Teacher’s anti-Ref. 74 button spurs petition to prevent politicking in the classroom

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Photo courtesy Mother Jones

A Port Angeles mother has undertaken a drive to prevent politicking in the classroom after her eighth-grade daughter told her of an anti-Ref. 74 button one of her teachers wore in the classroom, the Peninsula Daily News reported.

As part of her efforts, the lesbian mother has started an online petition to gather enough signatures to prohibit teachers from bringing their political views into the classroom. The Daily News reported that Superintendent Jane Pryne said that district does have a policy in place in regard to politics in the classroom.

The parent behind the petition, Cynthia Deford, identified the teacher in question as a male mathematics teacher, but the school would not specifically name the teacher.

The petition was launched on Nov. 10, the paper reported.

Ref. 74, which allows for same sex marriage in Washington state, was approved by voters 53 percent to 47 percent statewide in the Nov. 6 general election. The law will go into effect on Dec. 6.

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  • Tolerance 01

    Well, not every body agrees with Ref 74 and I think it's their right. Why should someone be silenced on this matter while others freely express their views.

    • Ann

      How about because it's illegal (in a school that accepts federal funds) to politic in the classroom. No one was saying the teacher doesn't have a right to think what he wants, but he doesn't have that right to do it inside the class. And "Vote No on 74….." certainly is political. I wouldn't want my child being taught by someone who was trying to indoctrinate them with their own beliefs – especially when those beliefs discriminate about a group – but really any time. It is just not appropriate; it's not allowed and it surprises me there are still lots of people who don't know this. Bumper stickers? I'm not sure. Technically they aren't suppose to bring them on the school property, but since most teachers arrive before kids and park away from them, it probably hasn't come up as much. This one is surprising though.

  • Sid Vishess

    I voted for R-74. That being said, the victim/mother needs to just move on. Politicking has been a fact of life seen the first levy was introduced. Maybe the teachers should remove their Obama/Biden 2016 bumpers stickers, as well.

    Of course, that's different…

  • frandersen

    Publi schools are not political platforms. Teachers are being paid to teach our children not be inflicting their own political views on them. Teach our children how the democratic system works but to bring your own beliefs in is not what they are being paid for.

    • Amber

      I totally agree with you. My son is in high school and a lot of the history teachers are pushing their democratic views on them, it's sad that these kids aren't given the right to think how they want. Good reason I vote against anything for schools. My toddler will be going to charter schools!

  • Leslie

    Besides, the teacher was wearing a button. That isn't pushing anything on the children in the class. That Lesbian mother is just offended that not everyone is for same sex marriage. I for sure am NOT

    • Amber

      Don't you think everyone should be treated equal? It's supposed to be about equality and the right to be who you are. My dad is gay and I support him. Even if I didn't agree with it, he has the right to love who he wants. Answer me this…how do you stop the emotion "love"? It's an emotion that you can't stop or change.

  • KyLee

    This country is suppose to be free either way you look at it! The lesbian mother should be able to get married if she wants, and the teacher can not be ridiculed for wearing a pin letting people know how she feels about it. It's called freedom people stop trying to take it away from one another. I can do what I want, you can do what you want, and so long as we don't kill eachother it should be fine!

  • Jackie

    Well if it's OK, then how do you feel about your teacher wearing YES ON I-502 in the classrooms. I personally would not like it and I voited yes, on both. It said to the child, "there is something wrong with your family" and took the safety out of classroom.

  • Deb strayer

    To the person who is going to send your toddler to a charter school. Don’t hold your breath it will be awhile before that happens. The courts are going to be filled with lawsuits challenging the legality of charters. Randy Dorn has already started that process.