Week 12: Steelers at Seahawks (Live updates)
GAMEDAY: Seahawks vs Steelers, ‘We’re in the thick of things’

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  • kamla patton

    Im emailing because we live in silver springs in Kent Wa are complex is molded and nobody wants to help us and I have asthma. Are kids are getting sick and mangement dont care im on section 8 and thier inspector refuse to help me I found since kent enforcement dont have to come they not helping the one I talj to said buy a moisture meter I did and full of crap but refuse to tell me till later in had to send it we have no money . That’s not fair we have to live like this I almost lost my job miss work at century link . So please can someone help us .

  • Ralph Hutchinson

    I wanted to comment on the story of teachers going on strike, due in part to lack of proper funding. Some years ago our state implemented the Lottery system and part of the sale to the public to allow the Lottery was how well our education systems would be funded due to the many millions of dollars in revenue that this would produce. Where is all of that money going? Why are we so short on education funding? Is it all really going in to the “General Fund”?

  • bridgette

    it appears there is one black male dead in a vehicle by the corner of 72nd and McKinley in Tacoma right by Little Caesars

  • Tawny Dugan

    So put a camera on the cat but make sure it’s small enough that the bad guy doesn’t see it and don’t say anything on the air cause he’s probably listening. Oh and can you tell MJ thank you for telling the weather in yelm

  • Diana Weber

    The thunder storms here in Olalla have been ongoing since 2:30am and still haven’t stopped. The thunder is so laud that it shakes the whole house. It feels similar to that of the beginning of an earthquake each time.

  • Patrick

    Century link field has the worst water I have ever tasted coming out of their drinking fountains on the Brougham end of the field. I have to buy their bottled water because I’m positive they are feeding nonpotable water into the fountains.. Seems like a deliberate attempt to increase concession sales by providing sub standard life giving water for free.. Would be interested in a chemical make up analysis of these drinking fountains water, and a correction of the problem if it is deliberate..