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  • kamla patton

    Im emailing because we live in silver springs in Kent Wa are complex is molded and nobody wants to help us and I have asthma. Are kids are getting sick and mangement dont care im on section 8 and thier inspector refuse to help me I found since kent enforcement dont have to come they not helping the one I talj to said buy a moisture meter I did and full of crap but refuse to tell me till later in had to send it we have no money . That’s not fair we have to live like this I almost lost my job miss work at century link . So please can someone help us .

  • Ralph Hutchinson

    I wanted to comment on the story of teachers going on strike, due in part to lack of proper funding. Some years ago our state implemented the Lottery system and part of the sale to the public to allow the Lottery was how well our education systems would be funded due to the many millions of dollars in revenue that this would produce. Where is all of that money going? Why are we so short on education funding? Is it all really going in to the “General Fund”?

  • bridgette

    it appears there is one black male dead in a vehicle by the corner of 72nd and McKinley in Tacoma right by Little Caesars

  • Tawny Dugan

    So put a camera on the cat but make sure it’s small enough that the bad guy doesn’t see it and don’t say anything on the air cause he’s probably listening. Oh and can you tell MJ thank you for telling the weather in yelm

  • Diana Weber

    The thunder storms here in Olalla have been ongoing since 2:30am and still haven’t stopped. The thunder is so laud that it shakes the whole house. It feels similar to that of the beginning of an earthquake each time.

  • Patrick

    Century link field has the worst water I have ever tasted coming out of their drinking fountains on the Brougham end of the field. I have to buy their bottled water because I’m positive they are feeding nonpotable water into the fountains.. Seems like a deliberate attempt to increase concession sales by providing sub standard life giving water for free.. Would be interested in a chemical make up analysis of these drinking fountains water, and a correction of the problem if it is deliberate..

  • Dave Belcher

    Your news, evening of 12/30/2015, about education funding being cut by the Feds is out of date. The law that required all that testing as repealed and replaced with a new law that minimizes testing. The new law has been signed by the President.

  • Michelle S

    Dear Q13 news, i believe that is wrong of the D.O.C. to not have corrected their mistake! But you should also consider (look into) all the inmates that DO NOT get out on their release dates. There are inmates in prison as we speak that should have been released. Some of them stay weeks to months after there release dates.

  • John kreger 253 439 7368

    Saw report of a man that hung pit bull mixed 9 months old in a tree of a boys thearpy pup. I have 8 week old akc black lab and American certified pit bull pupa that I would like to donate a puppy. Don’t have email. Can call or leave message to the above number

  • Amber Cass

    I’m writing because my family and became homeless over two years ago because my boyfriend broke his leg and lost his job. We started on a program with community action of skagit county. They placed us in their shelter for 3 months and got us into an apartment in November of 2014, which began us on a two year program to become sufficient again. A few months ago we got a new director and she started kicking everyone off the program, for having pot in their systems. A rule that no one was ever informed about. I’m bi polar and about 6 months back my doctor prescribed me effexor, after one week I was prescribed the maximum dose because I was suicidal (my mom had just committed suicide because of bipolar.) I had what they called an allergic reaction to the medicine and it made me very angry and unpredictable, I was even hitting myself. A neighbor accused my kids of stealing a toy gun and I exploded because of the medicine I was on but nothing physical. Instead of my advocates helping me and asking what’s going on they stopped talking to me for 3 months and accused me of doing drugs. I took a test for them it was negative. They also decided to test my boyfriend and he had pot in his system, they said if he started treatment we could continue on the program. The part that gets me about that is the fact that my boyfriend had told our case worker he smokes pot oil, she didn’t say that it wasn’t OK so we assumed it was. Well my boyfriend started treatment on top of being a full time student and working odd jobs. Phoenix recovery wanted ray to have an individual session after a few weeks of treatment and wouldn’t let him go to group. He set it up, went in and there was a scheduling error, ray asked them to document that he was there and they refused. The next thing you know, we get a call from Jasmine the new program manager saying we are kicked off the program. She also said they would help with move in costs because we have done so well and they don’t want to kick us out in to homelessness again. Today she calls, because we found a place, and recanted what she had said before and changed it to “they would only help if it was in the apartments we are in now” there are no apartments available here except the units strictly for community action. These people were supposed to be our advocates. I have a mental crisis and they shit on me and stop helping! The next person might actually end up killing themselves because of their lack of communication and empathy. I have everything documented with my doctor and they didn’t even care to look or anything. Just assumed I was on drugs and literally didn’t say a word to me for 3 months. When they did talk to me again all they did was comment on my weight and look at me like I’m scum now because of my reaction to medication. Our neighbor just got kicked off the program for weed being in her system. They wouldn’t even let her do treatment. Once again, they had been up front with it in the beginning. Caroline the old director told everyone that this is a housing stability program and as long as it doesn’t affect our housing stability then she doesn’t care. I’m sick to my stomach because of all the lies, giving us hope then slapping us in the face. I feel that Jasmine discriminates and does not perform her job as an advocate at all. The first time I met her all I got was a look like I discusted her or something. Another one of my neighbors was kicked off the program and they said they would send her the reasons why, she never got the list. She had talked with people above Jasmine and no one would tell her anything. Once again they completely shut someone out refusing to talk. When you get kicked off you are technically still on the program for 30 days because they have to give you notice, some even longer if its past the first that they tell you. So if still on the program why are they shutting people out? This place needs to be looked into. We are facing homelessness again because she lied and said they would help with move in costs. How is this right? what kind of family advocates throw people off a cliff?!?!

  • Jc

    Lots of cips and gold trucks and crime tape in Marysville at the cabelas parking lot as of 9:07 July 1st possible shooting or deal gone bad

  • Jc

    Crime going down in Marysville cabelas parking lot seeing staters flying on hyway atleats 80 enforcement vehicles are their they have parking lot taped off

  • David Pfingston

    Hang fly strips in cellars or less traveled areas,for burglars to run into.Hard to remove from clothes ,impossible to remove from hair.

  • Shelley osmore

    My whole apartment complex is infested with bed bugs. Stay away from monterra apartments in tacoma at all cost. had to walk away from everything I own. Management is doing nothing to fix this problem nor notify tenants of this major issue.

  • Ken Miller

    The standng rock souix people are currently fighting over an oil prices pipeline that will pilute the reservations only water supply, tribes all over the land are trying to help.

  • Kyle

    me (Kyle) and my girlfriend (Christina) (who is wheelchair bound and I have autism very little of it) We are both handicap. We went on Norwegian Pearl Cruise to Alaska for 7 day on May 15 2016 for my birthday gift out of Seattle. We experience poor handicap assistant and design include our cabin room on the ship. I called maintenance several times about our bathroom door keep opening it self. We had to deal with it on the whole trip and they had never fix it. On the 2 day it was worst. We’re traveling through 12 foot waves and door keep open itself everytime the ship was rocking plus the door was swing lot faster probably enough to knock somebody out I had to physically lift the door to latch it everytime I close it . Most of all there these door frames attached to the ship with Square bar on the floor with black and yellow safe strips on them. There about 1 or 1-1/2 inch tall almost like speed bump all over the ship. I have seen elderly people with Walkers and wheelchairs have problems getting over them. When the ship rocks they start losing their balance (For me I had to lean the wheelchair back to get over them). Also it a safety hazard if people trip on them when the power gose out or people running. Plus there’s the stage it has one asign row handicap seats with 1 wheelchair balcony. Christina and I had to sit separately until last day of the cruise.The crew members was nice to give me a chair to sit with my girlfriend. They also have bowling alley one side had a wheelchair ramp but no bowling ball launcher. The one crew member told me the other Norwegian ships have it but not this one. So we were denied to access the bowling alley. After the trip I decided to call Norwegian they direct me to the guest relations department (by email) they offered me 200.00 on board credit which I denied the offer email conversation has been kicking around for the past 3. 1/2 months with same offer. They kept bringing up about their services and I’ve been kept telling them I’m not mad about the service I’m mad about the hardware of the ship it was half cheap design for handicaps. I have been 5 cruise with carnival they more benefits for handicaps and Norwegian was our first cruise with them. The Norwegian Pearl was clearly is designed for two-legged people not for handicaps.

  • Crystal tampico

    Hospital and cps stole my baby. Please contact me for my story. Seriously, I have tons of recorded calls of hospital staff lies get about who they let my baby leave with and more. I have witnesses to the hospital treating me unconstitutionally and lots more shocking and unbelievable things to tell.

  • Tracy

    Lewis county, we get no local news…. Frustrating you cover Seattle and surrounding but not outter areas that only get your news. Weather just touches our area.

  • Jessica

    Is thee city of Marysville discriminating based on gender and/or sexual orientation? The city is having a public event, on public property, and refusing to sell tickets to parents of daughters! Try to buy tickets to their Superhero Dance, they won’t sell them to you if you have a daughter. “Only boys like superheroes. Find a princess dance for your daughter.”

    I think the more than 100 thousand women who marched this weekend, right here in Seattle, would like to know what the city of Marysville thinks of girls who want to be hero’s too.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Cereanna kis-Speed

    Hello my name is Cereanna and I’m in desperate need of help, I have a 8-10 week old puppy named Minnie we found this puppy in a shopping cart at Rite Aid where my mother works her previous owner was shop lifting and used this dog as a decoy so he could steal. My mom decided we could have our first puppy, so she brought  her home and couple weeks went by and this past Saturday she lunged out of my grasp and landed on her paw wrong. We come from a  low income  family, I also  come from a single parent environment and we have no resources to help pay for her treatment, unfortunately today ( 4/24/2027) we got the x-ray and she  fractured her paw in 4-5 different places and her paw is shifted she needs a orthopedic and pins in it. I have two other siblings and we got attached to this puppy as soon as she trotted through the door we don’t want to get rid of her, she loves everyone in this family and we couldn’t bare to give her away or to amputate the leg . We really need donations she needs surgery as soon as possible or her paw will heal wrong and she will never be able to walk the same again we  are all worried for our little puppy please help us save Minnie she needs your help! You can contact me at 206-822-2930 By the way we will soon later post the organization or place of where her orthopedic will be, we currently don’t have that information at this time

  • Betty Donley

    I need help… my sister Lisa Donley was diagnosed with stage 4 Double Hit Lymphoma. Due to her illness and the extreme chemotherapy, she has been unable to go to work. Macys was her employer. Since she has begun this journey, Macys has denied her short term disability pay that she paid into out of every one of her paychecks, then they stopped her medical insurance because she couldn’t pay her premium. MACYS is a company that sells breast cancer merchandise in their stores. So how is it when one of their own employees receives a diagnosis as severe as Lisa’s, can they up and dump on her like this?
    Guys, my sister is on the verge of giving up this fight because of the way that MACYS has kicked her while she is at her most vulnerable. So I am putting together a series of peaceful demonstrations at a few of the MaCYS locations in our local counties.
    What I need from you is support. I don’t mean money, I mean I need you to come out with me, hold her pictures up, pass out flyers with her story, put flowers on car windows, and make this thing big enough for the press to be interested.
    This could be the difference between life and death quite literally.
    Please comment or message me if you are willing to come out and help me in this truly desperate attempt to save her. To right this wrong. And to give my amazing sister her hope back.
    Please Share This Post. Please Help Us Fight This
    Thank you

  • Maria

    why hasn’t Brandie asked the senators about the ball game being watched and the job not finished? She was hot on it while the game was being watched and she dropped the ball. Call them out Brandie!

  • Robert Van den Akker

    Do David Rose and Marni Hughes HAVE to comment and chit chat about EVERY news story? It’s an insulting format. Makes me feel like I’m in Kindergarten. Just sayin….

  • James Munn

    Frankly the issue with the Legislature not passing a budget is not all that unusual – other states run into the same idiocy! Maybe someone should introduce a constitutional amendment that would require the legislature to pass a budget as their first order of business – before any other legislation is even considered. They spend time discussing who to honor and what color something should be when what they should be discussing is the budget!

  • Dan Zimsen

    This morning you commented that tolling will solve the traffic grid lock. Wrong, I believe. The cause of gridlock is too many vehicles. Blame that on the political people who work hard to bring new residents to the area. Every new household, on average, brings with it 2 to 3 cars. A hundred new units, 200 to 300 cars. And they don’t hit the road in a distributed manner. Few travel at 0330. At rush hour most of them are there., New jobs bring new money to SOME people in Seattle, but not without problems that are expensive to solve. By the time the Alaska Way tunnel is finished, and the light rail to Issaquah is done, they will be overloaded before they are a week old.
    Hard problem,

  • Bruce Lavine

    In 1957 Congress passed a law that stated that Confederate soldiers, sailors, and Marines were American Veterans. Why are we now allowing people to desecrate the memorials of American Veterans of the Civil War?

  • Eduardo Lopez

    How much is this lawsuit against the Trump administration over letting DACA expire going to cost us? What part of the budget is this money coming from? How much money was wasted on the lawsuit against the Trump administration over the travel ban? We have a lot of problems in our state and that money could be better spent.

  • Maya Reid

    Hi my name is Maya Reid im a parent of a 16yr old and i been noticing my daughter and a group of friends at school on Facebook I think that Facebook is really getting out of hand there should be a limit on social media far as not self respect but safety I can’t work sleep or eat, because im afraid my daughter is on Facebook talking to fake and older men, I think Facebook should have to scan id while setting up a profile with your picture face approved to log on im appauld how the muti billionaire off kid porn any there is guns being displayed there are people committed suicide because of being bullied there are groups in there that are putting married men and women on there to claim there baggage and getting bullied im filing a lawsuit against Facebook ASAP thank you

  • Greg Gallagher

    With gun store break in’s all too frequent these days, and numerous guns falling into the wrong hands, why aren’t the gun shops required to store those guns in a locked safe when the shop is closed? It’s kind of a no brainier it would seem.

  • Robert Bird

    Turbotax Business edition has big problem with rejections when e-filing. Affects all Business users. This rejection problem has been affecting users for several days, with no fix yet. Turbotax support cannot be reached directly.

  • Robert Bird

    Meteriologist Kelly is great to watch. Her reporting is excellent by her fluid presentation, comprehensive coverage, knowledge of Washington, and besides her well dressed appearance and beautiful personality. Classy !!